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Just Finished Beefcake. Next Program Advice?

Have run a few 5/3/1 cycles recently just finished Beefcake so have three week cycle of plus sets then 5x5 fsl before a delay and into a new programme.
Looking to do BBB again as I have used in the past however hitting body parts twice a week as higher frequency has worked well for me in the past.
I was thinking 5’s pro for 6 weeks:

Squat 3x5’s pro
Deadlift 5x10

Bench 3x5’s pro
Ohp 5x10
Pull ups 5x10

Deadlift 3x5’s pro
Squat 5x10

Press 3x5’s pro
Bench 5x10

Deload and then 3 weeks of:

Squat 5/3/1+ as conventional
Squat 5x5 FSL

Bench 5/3/1+ as conventional
Bench 5x5 FSL

Deadlift 5/3/1+
Dead 5x5 FSL

OHP 5/3/1+
Ohp 5x5 FSL

Reason I’ve gone away from opposite exercise for the second three week block is that I will use joker sets if I’m feeling good and it may be harder to recover and hit that body part again later on that week. Then will be hitting another deload before going through the above again but changing the 5x10 work so dumbbell presses instead of bench, front squat instead of regular, sldl etc but keeping the 5/3/1 lifts the same as 5 pro’s.

Am I on the right track with this routine? Also really loved the dips twice a week on Beefcake would it be too much to add dips into one or both of the pressing days?

Many thanks for taking time to read my post and if you get a chance to reply that would be great.

I’d not do dips when doing BBB, personally didn’t have good experience with that. However, I also go boxing 3 times a week… go figure.

I’d use forever programming for the assistance, But this could work. Don’t forget to do a tonne or facepulls/band pullaparts whenever you’re in the gym. Your delts will thank you.

What I tend to do, when using BBB supplement, is:

For lower body days (squat and DL), pick two assistances: Upper body pull, and upper body push.

For upper body days (BP and OHP), pick two assistances: Abs, and upper body pull.

So could I do one day squat 5’s pro and then squat 5x10, dips (push) and rows (pull).

Then dead’s 5’s pro Dead 5 x 10, DB bench/incline (upper body push) and face pulls (upper body pull).

Chins on upper body days. Or is that too much volume? Apologies if I’ve misunderstood your post and thanks for taking time out to reply

I prefer following the following:

Squat 5’s PRO, Squat 5x10. 5x10-15 pull ups, 5x10-15 dips
BP 5’s PRO, BP 5x10. 5x10-15 rows (I like inverted ring rows, but any), 5x10-15 ab wheel
Deads 5’s PRO, Deads 5x10. 5x10-15 pull ups, 5x10-15 dips
OHP 5’s PRO, OHP 5x10. 5x10-15 rows, 5x10-15 ab wheel

Notes: I am 47, and doing that many deads is something I can’t recover from to do other things I want to do. I will use the trap bar, and do 5x5 FSL rather than 5x10. To get a bit more volume, I start with cleans and presses, cleans, or something similar. If you can’t do these, do DB variations or high pulls.
I also like to do zercher or front squats for the 5’s PRO on squat day, and then switch to back squats with the FSL weight for the BBB.