Just Finished BCAA's From Biotest

I loved the results and effects, great energy replenisher during wo, and overall feel when taken.
Anyway since I just ran out, and for the next 2 weeks I’m on a low budget, I had to get a quick BCAA sup from a not so well known distributer…i know :o(

anyway I do intend to get some Biotest again real soon, but has anyone ever tryed or know if amino acids with all 19 amino acids(this bottle has 19) is good? and beneficial?
Unfortunately the Isoelucine is 40.8mg, the Leucine is 66.6mg and the Valine is 57.3
and it’s got of course other amounts for the rest.
Thank you!

It’s a little more costly at 40g a serving, especially when our body doesn’t really need half of the amino’s there.

BTW-Does the product replace tryptophan with 5-HTP?

if your buying something with a boatload of amino acids all combined you may as well just take protein powder. …