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Just Exhausted


I just started a new job last week that has me getting up around 5:45 every day.

Since then I just feel drained by the time I get home, and my workouts have been flat. I've been trying to get to bed earlier each night, but nothing seems to be working. Is this something that my body should/will adapt to?

What do some of you do to keep your workouts fresh and keep fatigue at bay?


This may take a handful of weeks to adjust to...I'd recommending taking maybe 3 weeks off from training as a way to help accelerate this process.


If possible, try to workout in the morning before work. I had the same problem you did, but I found that once I switched to AM workouts, I had more effort to give them and went more consistently. Hope that helps.


I am not a morning person, and me being in the army really doesn't conduct to my love
of sleeping in. So, I deal with it and do what I have to do. Some days, I feel like I adapt.

Some days, however, kick my ass and all I want to do after work is take a nap. If I do that, it usually kills my workouts, besides, by the time I nap, wake up then workout, my eveining is shot.

I don't know if you'll get used to the schedule or not. After two years of this, my body is still in shock when that alarm goes off at 'zero dark thirty'.
I think the best thing to do is to drive on, and work through the tiredness. Even if you are beat after work, make it a habit to lift. Go light and easy if you have to, going light is better than not going at all.

Also, I warn you about caffiene. Sure, drinking a pot of coffee will get you going in the morning, but it will wear off and you'll crash by lunch. If you take caffiene for energy for the gym after work, it could keep you awake later than you intend, making the morning even harder.
Good luck.


Coach Staley,

I appreciate you taking the time to chime in. Three weeks seems like a long lay-off, and I worry about losing strength during this time. Is there something I should do during this period to help maintain the muscle and strength levels I have?