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Just Dumbbells and a Bench


All I have to work with is dumbbells and a bench. I can keep getting heavier dumbbells as I build up my strength. Is it enough to work with to accomplish anything significant in terms of weightlifting?


As long as you keep progressing and are able to add weight and change up exercises you can make good gains. You have enough to work every muscle group in many different ways.


It'll be fine for a while, but you should figure out a way to get into a commercial gym where there are more options. In the long run I'm going to say that no, it isn't enough.


Digity you can do alot of work with just a bench and dumbbells but getting to a commercial gym is the best option dude!


A simple addition of a pullup bar would add quite a bit to what you can do for your back.


do you literally just have a barbell and dumbells or do you have a bench/rack as well?


For about six months I plan to workout like just dumbbells and a bench. I do have a pullup bar that goes in a doorway. If things are going well I'm thinking I'll expand my personal gym. I hate working out at public gyms. I don't like all the people and having to wait, etc.


If you have a bench you have a barbell. If you have a barbell you can:

-Bench (obviously)
-Squat (light only, you'll have to clean it for front squats or steinborn lift)
-Power Clean
-Overhead press

A program I might consider would be:


Powerclean (or variants)
DBell stuff (Turkish get-ups, swings, goblet squats)


Clean to front squat or overhead press
Deadlift (Sumo for some leg work)
BTN Press
DBell stuff (Turkish get-ups)
Pull ups

That will work you upper body arms/pecs/shoulders (Bench press, overhead press, pull ups, BTN press)..upper back (rows, pull ups, BTN press)...back (deadlift, sumo deadlift, turkish getups)... legs (Front squats, sumo deadlift, turkish get ups, PCs)


No, it's the kind of bench without a place for the barbell.


I think split squats will be your best leg developer in this case. There's plenty you can do with dumbbells and a bench.


Overhead dumbbell rear foot elevated split squats from a box. Those should keep you busy for the rest of your life.




I'm not sure if he was serious though. I don't think beginners should be doing these...haha


You can do everything you'll ever need to do with a barbell, squat rack, bench, dumbbells and a pullup bar.


just do a shitload of curls for the girls