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Just. Don't. Suck. Vol. 2

That’s the frustrating part - who has the second and third kid an so on…? Once is an understandable mistake, but what woman can look at that guy and think he’s a good choice? It’s in the same bizarro world as starting a relationship with someone who is actually in a relationship. They cheat with you and then you’re surprised when they cheat on you?


C8 W1 D3 - Legs


  • 10 min, E2MOM do 10 push ups
  • 1.03 miles

185 x 3
235 x 3
275 x 2
325 x 1, 1, 1

Doubles with 185, 195, 205, 215
Singles with 225, 235, 235

120 x 5
170 x 5
210 x 3
230 x 3
250 x 3
270 x 2
290 x 2
300 x 2
These felt strong. I made sure to descend slow and pause to keep from aggravating my back.

85 x 10
105 x 4 Nope!
Right hip hated this. Impingement city.


I daresay that would be a community approach. I believe the broad idea is supposed to be that you have an entire community of people invested in your well-being, not just the nuclear family. If you ever found yourself being taken cared of by your family friends when your parents had obligations, then you are likely a beneficiary of a community approach. It doesn’t have to mean the obviation of the nuclear family. The two go along very nicely from what I understand.

In any case, what I got out of my reading into these topics is that the stability is what matters. People from stable households tend to be better off than people from unstable households. If you can be a source of stability for someone, then great!


Bingo! It’s easy to miss this.

I guess my problem with the advocated community approach is that the people here who support the BLM movement are failing miserably. They don’t care for anyone. I basically see kids left to fend for themselves and it’s not working.

A community approach should be an addition to the family approach, not a replacement.

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Are kids fending for themselves really that linked to BLM, though? Or is it indicative of a more deeply rooted issue, such a poverty?

My suspicion is that poverty, more than anything, leads to instability and uncertainty, which can cause issues down the line.

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I think virtually all movements and organizations have an issue with their members actually following through on the ideas/policies they profess to support.

For example, tons of people see nothing but the hypocrisy and failings of many Christians around them and use that as a reason to denounce Christianity in general.

From what I understand, the particular community approach advocated by BLM organizations is meant to be a direct response to the unstable and volatile communities many of their members find themselves in- basically what you described. If your nuclear family is in shambles, then the only thing you can possibly have for support is the community you live in.

But, the way I see it, the two go hand in hand. It is difficult to have a strong nuclear family if you live in an unstable community, and it is difficult to have a strong community if everyone around you lives in an unstable nuclear family.

I think these people are in a terrible pickle. These people have an awfully difficult road ahead of them and the most I can do is voice my support for them.


Linked? No. To be honest, I haven’t seen BLM do anything other than take millions of dollars in donations. I’ve never seen a public event. The only time I’ve seen or heard BLM in the streets is at protests and riots.

The kids wear the shirts and yell at police. They seem to be supporters but they’re not actively involved in anything other than selfish behavior.

I just realized I grossly misread the first sentence of what I quoted from you, which makes my comment really come off as soapboxing.

Apparently I need to go back to elementary school and brush up on my reading comprehension.

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Thats at the core of all of these problems.

M. Scott Peck wrote in one of his books (paraphrasing) “At the root of all criminal behavior is the phrase ‘I’m going to get mine’ …” which I have seen over and over. A lot of people learn that one early and often.

Could you pull your hang cleans from a rack? Not the same as off blocks but similar result re starting position and no bounce?

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Well, that is if you’re built for squatting. I can assure you I have to force myself a lot to do trap-bars the “correct way”, otherwise I just deadlift it with my hips high.

Really not a fan of this movement either for many reasons.

Anyway, deadlift, clean, half:squat… You’re training like an athlete :stuck_out_tongue:

Possibly but I do okay with completely stopping all movement before starting the pull from the hang. The spotter arms on my rack are super small - like 12-18". That would be a tight space.

This is why I put so much blame on the parents and then the community. We have to learn to be decent people. Not only is the local community not doing that - there are a lot of people actually encouraging the selfish behavior.

Sounds good to me! I really just want to maintain my strength and feel good.


This is one of the catalysts for leaving my job; I was just fed up with confronting a shoplifter, or informing someone they were banned for previous thefts, only for them to attempt to gaslight me and say I’m wrong.

Motherfucker, it’s your word against CCTV. There’s absolutely no way you can have a conversation with them about it. They just act like a toddler.

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Yep. Most of our stores no longer stop them with physical force. Everyone knows it so more and more people are stealing. A guy at an electronics store stole while the manager was with him. The manager knew he was a thief and followed him around telling him to leave. He still stole stuff because he knew no one would stop him.

At the end of the day, I can’t change adults. I can’t change the justice system. But I do believe I can change the future of some young teenagers.

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So first of all, yeah - agreed with @aldebaran - I’m not a huge fan of smith squats anymore, although I used to use them, but when I talked about elevating your heels on this, it wasn’t to avoid working on ankle mobility, it was to reduce hip flexion. Here’s your bottom position:
Bent way forward, and your knees are possibly 1 inch past your toes. So while we want to improve ankle mobility, the best time to work on that is with active toe raising like tibialis raises, or sinking into a deep stretch in seated calf raises by flexing upwards. Using squats to improve the flexion is going to lead to you sinking back into your hips, leading to this - which is a high bar close stance squat that ends up in a bent-back super deep hip flexion exercise. Elevating your heels decreases hip flexion. Then, as your ankle mobility increases, you can slowly decrease the height at which you’re elevating your ankles.

Quick 26 second video - at 12 seconds in, he picks up a dumbbell, goes into a deep hip flexion, shakes his head, goes into moderate hip flexion, shakes his head, and then corrects to the proper form, which is very minimal hip flexion but INSANE knee flexion.

Anyways - none of this is to preach, since you know your body and injuries, it’s just to say, if the point is to work on knee stretch and knees over toes, it’s better to focus on the knee flexion first.

On the other side of things, I’m also super psyched for your transition as a teacher - honestly cannot wait to read about your journey through this first year.

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I actually tried this with my squat shoes and it felt worse.

I used this to burn out my legs and decided to try something different. The second attempt was with the same goal in mind but I didn’t want to do 5x20 so I added some weight. Fall.

I’m sure it’s going to be an adventure but I’m doing my best to prepare. I started my first class for graduate school this week. It’s Intro to Teaching and I’m very thankful for it. It’s going to help me a lot.

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6.12.21 C8 W1 D4 - Shoulders

30 x 10
80 x 5
95 x 5
105 x 5
120 x 10+(2x6 myo)

100 x 10 x 4
100 x 21 forgot that this was too light

135 x 3
165 x 2
Start 8 min AMRAP
165 x 4, 2, and then 13 singles
Wasn’t sure if I wanted to do 5 or 10 minutes so I made a call mid-workout. Anything more than a single resulted in too much rest. I was able to stay methodical with the singles. I’m not sure if I’m just that weak or if it’s the stubby bar but everything felt way heavier than I’d like. Weather report below.

40 x 20, 12, 12

80 x 16+5+4+4+2 myo reps

  • Feels like I did more than what I wrote.
  • I’d planned to use 185 on C&J but nope.
  • Even with all my changes and adjustments, I’ve never stopped doing 5/3/1 for the presses and I feel like they’re going nowhere. It’s getting old (graph below)

Can you tell I injured my shoulder in October of 18?

I just haven’t regained what I lost since that injury. I still feel weak in my right shoulder.


6.13.21 C8 W2 D1 - Back


  • Pull Ups x 10
  • Ab Wheel x 10

185 x 5 TnG
235 x 5 TnG
275 x 2
300 x 2
335 x 1
350 x 4 singles w/ 20 sec rest

185 x 2
200 x 2
215 x 2
230 x 1
245 x 5 singles

Giant Set

100 x 10 x 5
8, 8, 5, 5, 5
100 x 15, 15, 10, 10, 10

Took the axle outside for this. It’s hot and humid but it felt good. OHP felt awesome - perfect weight. New profile pic is post giant set.


Five games. Only the last two were back to back. The others had a game of rest between them.



Took the day off yesterday. I had some weird dreams last night. I usually don’t remember them but one of them came back to me while I was getting ready to work. I dreamed that I was extremely weak - like half of the strength I used to have. It was depressing. My response was that I must not be working hard enough. I’m not sure what my dream world training split was, but I remember thinking the solution was to switch to full body sessions so I could train each muscle more times during the week. Weird…