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Just. Don't. Suck. (JMaier)

I don’t know but if I were doing pull-ups, ab wheels, cleans and squat before deadlifting with the intent of lifting heavy yeah my deadlift would sucks ass. I need my lats to keep the bar close, I need my legs to push of the floor, I need my bas to keep it tight.

Yes indeed but with DC you have at the most one “concurrent” exercise before the really hard stuff

I approve this! You shouldn’t muscle through cleans anyway!

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Fair enough. I was more talking about the back end, where you don’t have to do anything else after a 20-rep set of squats.

To be fair, the pull ups and ab wheel were a warm up. The squats and cleans were also 75% and I only did two sets instead of my usual three.

I’ve found that I feel good on deads if I squat a bit first so I’ve kind of made that my normal order of operations. I wear lifting shoes for squats and cleans so I started doing the cleans after squats so I don’t have to change shoes multiple times.

I’ll move things around on Saturday and see how a few weeks of that feels.

I’m also quite content with doing legs once a week on Saturdays because I’m wrecked from basketball. I need a rest day. My legs were also sore/tired from lifting legs Wednesday which made basketball harder.

I’d like to play more and going in fresh would be nice.


9.12.20 C2 W1 D1 - Legs

20 minute interval, 1.50 miles

3x10 ea

135 x 3, 3
185 x 3, 3
195 x 3
205 x 3
210 x 3
Okay, today sucks. My SI joint is in alignment but the ligaments feel sprained. Hang clean felt awful. I was supposed to do 5x3 with 210. I did the RFESS and ab wheel first with the hopes of loosening up. No luck.

275 x 3
350 x 5 x 5

275 x 1 and a big hell no

185 x 8 x 2
Make up work for clean pulls.

135 x 3
185 x 3
225 x 3
245 x 2 (1 narrow and 1 wide because I still don’t know what feels best)
275 x 5 singles

Time: 1:06. I wore all my gear with the hopes of it holding me together. I even got my belt to go a notch tighter. I didn’t expect much from today. I figured it would just be a grind. I don’t know what’s worse than a grind but it was that. I’ve been tolerating a lot of discomfort in my SI joint but today just flat hurt.


Was your SI joint doing better when you were doing 3 x 5 weighted RFESS? What was your leg routine a handful of months back when your SI joint felt good?

My SI joint has been a problem since my hip surgery. I can usually get it to “pop” or release and get it back into its proper place, but occasionally it gets locked up. If it does that then it requires a trip to the chiropractor. I put that off for about two months. I think my body adjusted to the new position so it aggravated the soft tissue when it was moved back to its intended position.

Basketball probably didn’t help but nothing hurt while I was playing. I have weekly visits to the chiropractor scheduled for the next two weeks.


Haven’t checked your log in awhile. Hope you’ve been safe. I’d say 300/500 are pretty similar for tall dudes. Those are about my bests. Think I’ve hit 304 and 505. As I’m getting older and slower, I think I could get back to 500 more easily than to 300.


Have you tried this order?

Clean - Squat - Deadlift - RDL

@bustedwheel I’m doing amazing! Well yeah speed is one of the first thing to fade way with age. I’m a taller dude but my current high power clean (estimated) is half my current deadlift. (100/200 kgs) but that’s perhaps a lack of practice

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The speed is just gone! I might be able to muscle a 275 lb clean on a good day right now but I just don’t have the same pop these days.

No, I haven’t. I might need to do deads first. That will get me good and warmed up and the clean work should feel light by comparison.

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9.13.20 - Conditioning


This Firefighter Hero WOD is dedicated to Michael Quilty, FDNY, Ladder 11, who was killed on September 11, 2001.

My time was 5:03. I’m sure a good time is about 2.5 minutes.


I think that’s a pretty fair comparison of double as normal. I just got back into gym after 6 months of nothing but bw and KB from COVID and am definitely easily back to 100k cleans and assume 200k deads. But after 1 month would be 120k but not 240 I don’t think.

But even the cleans are slow lol

I like the idea of light snatch to clean to deadlift. Leave squat for another day lol. Right now doing it (including upper) on single days bc I’m so weak it will take me a month or two to get to enough weight to cause myself issues.

Home Gym Update

Well, I started thinking about the best use of my money and even if I can save $5k in the next five to six months, I don’t think I want to spend it on a gym.

I had that thought this weekend and then found this.

$400 and it’s now sitting in my driveway. I didn’t get the sweet weights; just the rack.

It has everything but a pull up bar but that’s not a big deal. $400 is probably a better choice when compared to $5k.

The only downside is that I’m struggling to get it apart so I can get it in the house. The posts seem to be stuck to the top and bottom pieces. I sprayed them with WD 40 and they’ll have to sit until I get off work tomorrow. It’s too late to be banging with a hammer.


PB Blaster and a rubber mallet. The paint fuses over time sometimes.


Gotcha. I’d thought it has stayed in place since the surgery. You’re right, the soft tissue probably adjusted to the different position.

Heck YES, congrats on your sweet find!! Like @hardartery said, PB Blaster (if the WD40 doesn’t work) and a rubber mallet and/or a 2x4 placed against the posts to absorb the hammer/mallet impact while transferring it to the metal.

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That is a steal and a much better use of your hard earned coin mate.



Pullups from the smith bar at the high setting?


You’re going to love that rack.

Olympic rings on shortened straps from the top crossbar? As long as the unstable rings don’t injure your shoulder.

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