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Just Donated Blood. Hemoglobin Range?

Hemoglobin was 17 …

Nurse said ranges are from 14-20

I’m seeing lots of posts on ranges are 14-18 ?? This is not what I was just told

Any info on this …

Aren’t you in the range either way? What is the concern?

My concern is misinformation , first hand from a blood drive , with printed levels and everything rite in front of me .

Ppl on forums just go google stuff and say oh google said so and will post it . Then a random member comes across and gets misinformed . That’s all

Yeah, you have to parse your google. I was freaked out because of my HCT, turns out, like most things, not a big deal.


So your concern isn’t your hemoglobin level, it is because a nurse told you it should be 14-20 and some internet posts say 14-18. That’s splitting hairs isn’t it? A quick search on Google finds the Mayo Clinic says it should be 13.5-17.5 for men. Another reputable source says 13.8-17.2.So based on that if anything the nurse’s numbers are the outlier. I understand what you’re saying about misinformation, but this was not an example of misinformation, but rather an example of how none of this is completely precise.