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Are you doing the arms crossed or the clean hold on the front squats?


With regard to deadlifting, my husband and I built a simple platform of two thickness of 3/8" plywood topped with rubber stall mats. I really don’t want and cracks in my ancient concrete basement floor.


@hel320 I’m working on a clean grip. I can get three fingers on the bar pretty comfortably although the stretch in my left wrist hurts a bit.

Haven’t had much time at home this week.

Front Squat - 1x5x65, 1x5x95, 1x1x115 left wrist hurts way more than anything else
Back Squat - 1x5x95, 1x5x135, 1x5x185, 1x3x225, 1x1x225, 1x5x185
Flat Bench - 1x5x65, 1x5x95, 1x5x115, 1x4x145, 1x12x115

Really short on pulling this week! Hopefully on the weekend.


Lots of hiking over the weekend. Happy father’s day all!

Started a longer route on my lunch walk today.

Yates Row - 1x12x45, 1x12x65
RDL ss with Yates Row - 1x12x95 each, 1x8x135 each
Deadlift - 1x1x205, 3x1x255, 1x1x275 ties my old pr from a year+ ago after 3mo of stronglifts. Lockout was easy but my grip was slipping and it was terribly slow off the floor
Pull-Ups - 10x10


Our girls’ siblings are getting placed here for who knows how long so as of today we are a five kid household :crazy_face:

Body felt good but tired all day yesterday. Lunch walk today felt good; my heart rate was 124 and 130 the couple times I checked it. I may start taking my backpack with a 25lb plate in it in the future as I’d like that up a little higher and I can’t jog without severe pain due to old injuries in the right knee and ankle.

Guess I’m turning into a push/pull split sorta.

Front Squat - 1x5x65, 1x5x95x 1x2x115 wrist hurt much less than last time
Back Squat - 1x5x95, 1x5x135, 1x5x185, 1x3x225, 1x2x225, 1x6x185
Flat Bench - 1x5x65, 1x5x95, 1x5x115, 1x5x145, 1x12x115
Inverse Rows - 8, 8, 4 lol

I hit every barbell goal I had for the day but seriously need to up the frequency on the rows to get more reps on.


Push-Ups/Inverse Rows superset - 20/6 x3
Inverse Rows - 10
Just the bar did 10 strict press, 10 front squats, 10 things that were power hang cleans in my mind at least. Brother in law also sidetracked me and long story short did some thrusters and push presses and a push jerk and flexed at each other.


Yates Row - 1x12x45, 1x12x65
RDL/Yates Row SS - 12 each 95lbs, 12/9 at 135lbs
Deadlift - 1x5x135, 1x1x205, 1x1x255, 2x0x285 moved off the floor easily but my grip failed within the first few inches each time, 1x1x255 held until my left grip failed
Suitcase Shrugs - 95lbs, did 10 reps easy with the right hand but needed three sets to get 10 reps with the left. Must build left grip!
Push-Ups - 5x12, 4x10

Using the 135lb deadlifts to get in the groove physically felt smart. Just focused on the feeling of tension on my hamstrings, a flat back, and landing the bar right where it started each rep. Had to crap after the 205lb DL but I thought about CAT and pulled my pants up at maximal velocity when I was done.


Good walk today on lunch. Heart rate was 127 and 134 the two times I checked. Inadvertently ate really low carb today but still feel good going into the workout.

Front Squat - 1x5x65, 1x5x95, 1x3x115
Back Squat- 1x5x95, 1x5x135, 1x5x185, 1x2x225 :sadpanda:
Flat Bench - 1x5x65 (whoops should have been 70), 1x5x100, 1x5x120, 1x5x150, 1x12x120
Inverse Rows - 12, 8,

The 225 squat set was incredibly disappointing. I was shooting four and then a single and had in mind I might just go for five, I felt so good. I just couldn’t get back up for the third rep though. Just my legs quit extending. Will chalk it up to the poor carb intake today. At least benching went how I was hoping and I hit my goal on inverse rows with the first set. Will start doing them a with a plate under my heels now.


Didn’t walk on lunch. Hiked after dinner but not too strenuous.
Push-Ups - 3x25


Front Squat - 1x5x65, 1x5x95, 1x4x115
Back Squat - 1x5x100, 1x5x140, 1x5x190, 1x1x230
Deadlift - 1x5x140, 1x5x190, 1x5x240
Inverse Rows, heels elevated 1.5" - 1x1x8

All the barbell work felt smooth and powerful despite a garbage diet today and not great sleep last night.

Two year old needed fetching before I was really done, which I guess I can log as a jog and 30 lb carry for distance?


Funny how this happens. It seems to be when you’re feeling good and full of piss and vinegar and then the bottom just drops out.


^^failing is ok, it’s just one less failure
I’ll have to face in the future

Front Squat - 1x5x55 (whoops wrong plates), 1x5x95, 1x5x115, 1x1x145
Flat Bench - 1x5x65, 1x5x95, 1x5x115, 1x5x145
Inverse Rows, heels elevated 1.5" - 9, 9
RDLS - 1x8x135, 1x5x185

Rack pulled 225 and just squeezed the bar til my left grip loosened.

Rack pulled some times, trying out a hook grip. Thumb is just slipping free of my fingers though. I have a 32mm bar and, I at least don’t think of my hands as being large. Front squats felt really easy. Mid back is fired up. Kind of felt like a lazy session.


Back Squat - 1x5x55, 1x5x105, 1x5x145, 1x5x195, 1x1x235
Inverse Rows, heel elevated 1.5" - 10, 9, 8
Push-ups - 30, 25, 20

Rows felt great. It feels like a level-up each time I become conciously aware of some new aspect of all these different motions. Today I was very aware of my ROM at the shoulders, letting them protract fully at the bottom, and starting each rep with a hard retraction for the initial momentum towards the bar. Squat felt easy enough I think I could have doubled it with some form degrade or a little grind. I needed to pause for a few breaths on the sets of push-ups; the initial 30 rep set was a hard push for me. Every day is a tiny pr on at least one thing.

Gained 4 lbs since I started. The neck:waist estimate for body fat says I gained 7 lbs of fat though :laughing: Maybe I was carrying fat in my neck lol. But the outer edge of my pecs are a little more prominent, I can see a bit more contour in the thighs when I flex, and my love handles appear smaller.


Back Squat - 1x5x110, 1x5x150, 1x5x200, 2x1x240

Was bored…


Front Squat - 1x5x70, 1x5x100, 1x4120 left fingers slipped loose - leaned forward a little, 1x1x150
Flat Bench - 1x5x70, 1x5x100, 1x5x120, 1x4x150

Lesson against working out from boredom.


I dunno, [quote=“Born, post:35, topic:242479”]
, 1x4120
A 4120lb front squat sounds heinous!


Oh that’s why I lost posture! I grabbed the kiloton plates by accident.


I hate it when that happens! Screws you up every time.


Nice little break. I looked over my old numbers from when I did stronglifts and saw I was Pendlay rowing 20%+ more than I was benching. Thought a bit about how quickly I got off a schedule, and how it didn’t go in the direction I originally intended. Made some big ideas.

Pendlay Row - 1x5x95, 1x5x115, 1x8x115
Flat Bench - 1x5x65, 1x5x95, 1x5x115, 2x5x145
Rack Pull-Ups - 6, 5, 3

Really liked the feel of the rack pull-ups. Felt the pull much more in my lats(or teres?) instead of everything happening in my arms.


Front Squat - 1x5x70, 1x5x100, 1x5x120, 1x1x150 had a better rack than last time, felt ok, the 150 went up a little slow
Back Squat - 1x5x140, 1x5x190, 1x1x230, 1x6x190
Inverse Rows, heel elevated 1.5" - 9, 9, 6
Push-ups - 25, 15 shit I’m beat