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Just Do It


I don't know if I'll keep up with this log. I have been taking it "easy" with training for the last few weeks and want to kick shit up once again.

My stats are:


180 lbs

I like bodybuilding and like to train like one so numbers aren't that important to me although I'm ALWAYS trying to get stronger.

Here's a pic I took today of my back.


My chest suckssssssssssss! Which means I will do chest today because it's Monday and everyone knows mondayz are chezt dayz!


Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa buddy!


Still don't seem to be able to get in the groove of things at this point when it comes to the weights. Did chest but felt very weak and my wrist were bothering me for some reason. I worked up to 100lb dumbells for like 6 reps, the most I gotten are the 110s for 10 so yea.....I'm much weaker now but roughly the same weight as before I started taking it easy, maybe 2-4 lbs lighter.

My goal for now is to get my strength back up and to keep building more king konk muscles!


Nice back workout today, actually GREAT back workout today.

Pull ups:
bw x 15
bw 40lbs x 6
bw 40lbs x 6

Barbell Row: These were done supersetted down which is why I put the little V in between the sets, it's suppose to be an arrow.

255lbs x 13
140 x 12
135 x 20

Cable Row:

Level 15 x 6-12 Cant remember how many I got exactly, I went to failure though.

Then I suppe-rsetted down until I could get a weight for 20 reps.

Pull-Downs for the pumpzzz

10-20 reps

Partial Dead-Lift:

315 x 6

315 x 6

225 x 8-12

135 x 8

And 30 minutes on the Elliptical.


Going hard again.....Arms today....shooting for 200lbs....i dont give a fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk



I squatted 305x4 olympic style ATG...next week I hope to get 315 for the same amount of reps.....3 plates here I come.


So far....




315 x 2 on the back squat...ATG. Getting stronger, getting bigger...life is good...might take a video next week when I do legs.


The wheels.


SO I hit 315 x 5 for two sets....getting stronger and getting bigger...chest tomorrow...LETS GO!


Hit 345x5 and could have gotten more but I did 315x10 and then 315x12 right before....