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Just Do It!!!

Anyone see bubbly, 5 foot nothin’, 90 pounds soakin’ wet, Tristan Gale win the Gold in Women’s Skeleton? Tell me about “Testosterone”, baby…head first, 80 miles per hour, no brakes, with your nose 2 inches from the ice…

Look, gang…if Little “Valley Girl Talkin’” Tristan can “walk the walk and talk the talk,” then we can get in the Gym and punch it out.

Sometimes (just like Tristan) you gotta “Just Do It”…

Actually 5’2", 108 lbs. But CAJONES nonetheless. And with the snow falling, she was at a disadvantage! And did you check out that Gea Johnson! I saw that clip of her and Jean Racine from the Tonight Show – ARMS! That chick sports some pretty impressive guns. Totally natural, I’m sure.

Actually, Gea was suspended for 4 years from the Track and Field world due to a positive test in 1994 (she competed in the heptathalon event). She sued for $12M-$15M, but that was later dropped. Rumor has it the US Track & Field team turned their back on her, so she went from track to Olympic lifting competition and actually made the US Lifting team in 1998. When she was rehabilitating an injury in 2000, that’s when someone said she should try the bobsleigh. Anyway, a little history lesson on Gea for what it’s worth.

Yeah, she may have balls, but thats not even a sport. where does athleticism come into play? Where are all the black people in the winter olympics? They’re usually the most athletic.

A black woman just won the 2 person women’s bobsled. First black american to ever win a gold in the winter olympics.

Oh m’god - I’m SOLD on Short-Track Speed Skating. That is a kewl sport…What I love about the Olympics is how I get to see some sport I was totally unaware of. Like Short-Track. Damn, I wish I could ice skate, I’d train for that. Oh, and you want some “Gea Trivia”? I have the issue of FLEX that features Gea and Shawn Ray on the cover - I believe from 1984.

Brian Tracy: can you say 2 g’s being pulled on that sled? That thing is the ab workout from hell.

Hey jonnyjon, ab workout from hell? I get an ab workout from hell quite often and I’m not an athlete. Half those things aren’t even sports.

“Tough Guys” who question the strength and atheletic abilities of others always fascinate me. Let me know how you guys would do keeping as straight of a course as you can, using your body strength only, going 80 miles/hour, and while pulling 2-3 G’s.

And while your at it…let me know how you do jumping about 3 feet in the air, doing a triple Lutz/Triple Toe, and landing on an extremely unstable surface with only about 1-2 inch thick pieces of metal between you and disaster…

Mufasa, don’t tell me you’re into that faggot stuff too! LOL I didn’t know the colored folk liked the winter events. Real sports include: Ski jumping, speed skiing, speed skating, ice hockey etc…

…I bees SORRY, Masa…dis little colored boy didn’t MEAN tuh be lookin’ at the Missus skatin’…don’t beat me, suh!!! I’ll be a GOOD colored boy…I’ll only watch the NBA and Summer Olympics (no gymnastics…I PROMISE, suh!)…from NOW on…!!!

Man, you said it. People here seem to forget that the Olympics were/are all about ALL that encompasses athletism. Strength is one component, but there are agility and mental ability, also. I am in complete awe of anyone in the Olympics or in any sporting event that rises above their peers as the Best in their chosen sport. I do have a probem with bowling, though. Yes, there is screwy judging in some of the events - but man, watching the Short-Track speed skaters or speed skating in general - I couldn’t imagine having to maintain that speed for 10 laps around that track. My god! But, Mufasa well said in your post.


Okay, I remember that black girl from France (I think) a few years ago that was considered “the strongest figure skater in history”. Don’t remember the name, but I remember her doing a one-legged flip (kind of like the Scott Hamilton signature flip, but landing on one leg). The commentary was that she was the only one capable of doing that move. Illegal as hell, but she was trying to make a point. And the crowd loved it.