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Just Did My First Meet...


Just did my first meet and I'm dead tired. Loved it can't wait to start training again and get my bench up. Squat 500, Bench 365, Deadlift 600 (Raw) Weighed in at 318lbs, Was gonna cut weight and do 308 but it was my first meet so figured screw it just do it and see what happens.

What do you guys do to recover after the meet.
Loved it. Really didn't have too much to say just figured I'd mention what a great time it is if anyone hasn't done one yet.


well done,
thats a serious deadlift.
i never done a meet but id say a few days off training would do the trick, lots of sleep aswell.


numbers look kinda low for your weight, how long you been training for?


Yeah and I was an idiot. opened at 500 2nd with 550 and then set up for six. had an ipod on and was sitting off to the side. One of the guys I train with called me over adn they said Ben was up. So I walk over and get ready to lift. No one stops me so I pull my third. Went easy as hell and felt great. figured I would go for 635 on a 4th after it was done.

well turns out it was another Bens turn so that pull was 565 and i wasn’t up yet. so three minutes later they call my name and I figure F it I want 600 so pulled it and felt like an idiot, but an idiot who got waht he wanted.


[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
numbers look kinda low for your weight, how long you been training for?[/quote]

Yeah they are low. I have been lifting for a few years but just started actually training for power lifting maybe 2 years total ago. Hurt my back bad ( two slipped disks, couldn’t walk for a month last year 07 thanksgiving. so took awhile to get strength back.) Stopped worrying about bench and just did alot of lower back work and worked on my squat and deadlift.
I’ve done more on my squat in the gym but wanted to make sure I made my lifts. Opened squat with 450 and came up so quick I stepped back so it was red lighted.

Want to get to about 550, 415, 650 by the end of summer when I go back to teaching next year.


[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
numbers look kinda low for your weight, how long you been training for?[/quote]

You’re actually a knob.


good luck man, hope you hit those numbers, im sure you can do it. just watch the back.


Any advice for people who have yet to compete for their first time?

Any regrets?



My advice for someone doing their first meet is to make sure you have a handler. have someone to wrap your knees and just help out. If your doing it with another person just make sure they aren’t in the same flight or have the time to help you.

I think your either going to be mad you didn’t go for a big enough jump to make the numbers you wanted or your going to be mad you jumped too much and missed a lift. I just made sure I got something on the books then jumped up the numbers. Make sure your form is exactly what you want. I missed my first squat attempt because I went light and just flew up with it. came up fast and misstepped and got red lighted.

Had a great time though and really loved it. I look forward to doing my next meet.

If anyone has any tips or anything for people doing their first couple of meets please feel free to post it up. I would be interested in other peoples first meet and any stories they have.


[quote]Hanley wrote:
LiveFromThe781 wrote:
numbers look kinda low for your weight, how long you been training for?

You’re actually a knob.[/quote]

Yep. That’s why there called Massholes. Always gotta find a way to be a dick.

It’s the guys first meet, he comes on to say he had a great time, and asks for a little recovery advice, and you come up with a shit comment like that? Numbers look a little low? Watch your back?

Put up your 600lb DL video 781. Or your 500lb Squat. Or your 365 Bench.


As far as recovery, I’d stay away from the gym for most of the week. Maybe hit something light Thursday or Friday, and then start back at it next week. In the past I’ve gone right into the next training cycle without any time off, and I think your better off just resting for a few days. You could get out and do some easy cardio, maybe a little foam rolling, or other mobility work, but I would stay away from the heavy stuff for a little while. Just use the time to figure out your next training cycle.

Good work. PL meets are a lot of fun, and very addictive. Welcome to the club.


NICE numbers man, congrats. Too bad about the DL miscommunication but what can ya do?

Let us know what you do for recovery and maybe when your next meet is.


Congrats man, first meet and you had fun and didn’t bomb. Excellent job. Rest up and get ready for the next go around.


Been just eating and pretty much doing nothing. Iced up yesterday and was thinking about doing a cold bath. I kinda used the meet as an excuse and reason to eat some ice cream and tons of food. Ate a mango, a pint of ice cream, a rotisserie chicken, and some mozzarella cheese yesterday and was still hungry an hour later.

I’m lifting with some guys out of rising sun Dynamo Barbell Club. One of the guys totaled 2150 Raw it was amazing. Scott Yard from Elite was there too lifting raw. I’ll prob be holding off of doing a meet till end of the summer. Want to get my Bench up. Used to have a better bench but laid off of it and really focused on my Sq and DL for awhile.

Figure if the DL miscue was the worst thing that happened it was a good meet. Only red lighted two lifts, a 400 bench and my first squat.


I usually have really tight hips and hamstrings after meets, so I try to push my lower body work as far down the week as possible. I’ve found that rolling with The Stick has really helped loosen me up afterwards, as well as drinking a ton of water throughout the meet. However, I’m usually too excited to get back to training to take a week off right after a meet, but it’s really your call. A little extra rest can’t hurt.

Edit: My meets are almost always on Saturdays, so I take at least a Sunday off.


relax, foam roll if you got one. Wed. or Thurs. go in and do a light workout just to loosen up and then find your next meet and start training for it! Were all 3 lifts raw? or just the DL?


Yeah all three were raw. I was set to use a squat suit I was going to borrow but ended up not having it so just went without. Well I had groove briefs for the squat so not totally Raw. but I don’t really get much out of them. they are pretty much just to keep my hips tight. they give me about as much as athletic shorts