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Just did It! (t-ransformation 2018 challenge)



about me
live in austria; wife and two children; job: software developer
age: 39
heigth: 178cm
bodyweight: 71kg

end challenge, have fun, get limber, athletic body

diet style
fresh vegetables and fruits, organic meat and eggs, sometimes fish; nuts and seeds; no diary and grains

Official 2018 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

additional log entry 01.01.2018
2 h bouldering

additional log entry 02.01.2018
frontsquat 3x5@50kg
cable rows 5x10@30kg
db incline press 5x10@10kg
core 3x10 v-situps, 2x10 hanging knee raises


Trapbar DL 3x5@60kg
Pushups 5x10
Band pull apart 3x15


Budokon Yoga


Trapbar DL 3x5@65kg

5x5 Chinups
5x10 V-Situps



Kettlebell Workout
KB Swing 5x15@24
KB Viking Salutes 5x1@12
KB Press 3x5@16



Kettlebell Workout
KB Press in lunge position 3x3@20kg

KB Clean 4x3@28kg
KB Goblet Squat 4x3@28kg

chinup ladder 1,2,3,4,5 (5 seconds eccentric phase, 5 seconds concentric phase)

KB Swing Workout (2 rounds):
starting weigth: 44kg
starting reps: 4
every set increase reps +4 and decrease weigth -4kg
end with 24reps@20kg



Trapbar DL

Pushups 3x15, 1x10
Band pull apart 4x20



trapbar DL 3x5@60kg

Dips 5x10
V-situps 5x10



KB Sumo DL 3x5@48kg+resistance band
KB rows 3x5@28kg

KB Swings 3 rounds 4-8-12@32kg


Looks like you’re trucking along in here. Good to see.

You ever thought about trying a more structured routine like the 10,000 swing plan? Lots of folks got some solid results with it, in terms of fat loss and strength, so it’d work well for your goals. Just tossing the idea out there.


hi & thank you for your comment! yes, i’ve thought about it. i did a 500-swing-workout 3 weeks ago. it was really challenging. think i need some mental and physical preparation. thats the reason why i do lot of hip hinge movement. and i got a new job, so at the moment i don’t have time “to swing” 4-5 times per week. plan is to start the challenge in february or march. until then i try to get little bit more comfortable with the swings



Trapbar DL 5-3-2@50kg
Bench Press 5-3-2@40kg

Chinups 2x10
Band pull apart 3x20


Budokon Yoga



Trapbar DL 5-3-2@55kg

Dips 5x10
Hanging knee raises 5x10


Good work mate.

Consistently trumps all





Trapbar DL 5-3-2@60kg

Chinups 5x5@BW+10kg
DB one arm Press 5x5@15kg

Band pull apart 2x20



KB Press 3x5@20kg
KB Rows 3x5@32kg

KB Swings (4 rounds): 4-6-8@40kg



Trapbar DL 5-3-2@65kg
pushups 3x20
pullups (ladder): 1,2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2,1 (36 reps)