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Just Did First Shot of Test Enanthate

BECAUSE it’s extremely THICK STUFF as it’s in Castor oil, it accidently went in little faster than expected and now it felt like i been PUNCHED in the ARMS by MIKE TYSON. I heard other Guys have experienced that too, so i had too finish off in Right Delt. i initially started in Left Deltoid that’s where it had so bad, so i used the rest of the TEST up in other side of delt. anyways i hope get good Erection tomorrow Hopefully a good Erection.

Also* next time it would be better to actually HEAT it up under water Tap. i heard you need to do this with thicker solutions too.

it actually flows so darn slow in 27G it’s not even funny how slow it goes. i did heat it up before i initiially used it, but not for too long

i think might just go SUBQ Second injection to be perfectly honest though in the Belly Fat.


STOP making so many posts. Were all here to help, and it seems like all your other posts are getting attention.

This is not necessary.

Did you take speed today? Honest question.

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No lol but thanks for asking dude @anon10035199 no speed dude. at all, does it Ache then for some dudes Virgin Muscle shots to Shoulders yeah? felt like a Boxer punched me there to be honest. this is first ever shot into that muscle too.

I’ve never injected testosterone into muscle tissue. (on myself)

However, I give shots daily at my job. Its not unusual to have someone complain of PIP the next day.

How deep did you go?

1 foot in there lol. Nah not so deep. Shallow I.M like Nelson vergel method, only thing is i have very tight muscles on my Shoulders, because i have zero Fat there so it’s extremely lean too. it sucks anyway the Pip thing bro. definitely can’t lift weights much then.

If you tensed your shoulder, which you likely did with the amount of anxiety you have over this, its gonna hurt a lot worse the next day.


i got Drunk bro a tiny bit & did it, so i didn’t tense it too much not that i am aware of. it does ache a few now, not Super ache as when it first went down. Reason for that is because i had to calm my nerves first because yes i do suffer Anxiety to some extent for sure

I can predict the future. In the next 6 hours Danny is going to create at least 3 more threads. One of them will be PiP thread, then my E2 is high help me,then I took too much AI, and tanked my E2.

No offense Danny but you are acting like a woman seeking attention. You could have kept it simple and just pinned your quad. Told you to keep the nerves down and relax. Everyone could tell you were an anxious basketcase.


I think he is just trying to say. You’re letting your anxiety control you right now. Chill bro!

We were all there at some point too. Just relax. I promise your not going to do irreversible damage from one injection, whether its IM or sub Q.

Things take time. Like learning how to inject, or learning which protocol is best for your individual needs. Take some time to figure that out on yourself. Other people’s opinions and protocols can only semi guide you.

I was a massive wreck with anxiety when I first started. Just try and relax and keep your questions in one thread! That way your not flooding the forum, and also people are more likely to answer you.


I was only worried about getting a Allergic Reaction maybe to OIL carrier though, but absolutely no reaction after injecting at all. So that OIL in here agrees with me. Now i will try SubQ maybe next time. looks way easier anyway. Also with Anger issues i suffer, i been arrested before & in Court Convicted. can Test Injections make me worse is my Next Q or should be okay.

Test will not make you angry. Your high E2 will make you bitchy and moody. Did you get that checked?

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@newbvet sorry for earlier too, apologee on that man about swearing at Ya dude. Just i basically had kinda rough day, because i had a few people have a DIG @ me about being silly with the TRT questions.

Was that your first ever shot Danny?

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Yes brother, i didn’t feel too much yet, been 12 hrs now. it was a smaller dose to start off. how much dose was your first one? just wondering @sa22c

Interesting. I thought you were already on TRT when we were speaking on my log. Lol. No wonder you’re so nervous about the first shot in the ass etc etc. I’m probably use to it from being a dickhead 10 years ago. I think I did 75mg. Just let it flow. Don’t worry to much about it. Gunna take a while for serum levels to build. And you may not know the feelings. As its new to you. If that makes sense. For me. I could notice the first night. The way I slept etc etc.
Wheh I was young and dumb I’d make little cocktails. I’d be injection 3ml at once. Like suck a ml of Prop, a ml of Sus and a ml of Tren in the same syringe and go for it. Someone else would always pin me back in the day but. So I’m not new to it. But If I had my time again. I wouldn’t do it that way. I wouldn’t have even finished developing naturally by the age of 18-19. :+1:. See how you feel in 2 weeks.

Danny, It will probably hurt a little yes. Not as much as test prop or sust but any time you open up a new inj site it will more than likely smart a bit.

As for the anger… If you are usually a c#nt, having higher test levels will have the potential to make you more of a c#nt… But ultimately how you behave is down to you, cant blame these things on anything else.


You’re gonna die.


Why you insulting for now then? you’re totally idiot man & your insult is irrevelant to the Topic also. @bmbrady77

It’s a joke man. I honestly didn’t read but the first three lines of your post. You are so all over the place with so many threads and posts that it’s very hard to give much credence to you, even if you do have a valid question. Kind of like the boy that cried wolf, only, you’re just cying everything!! Lol