Just Diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel


So I was just told this morning that I have severe carpal tunnel in my right wrist. I am a bit surprised, I have had issues over the last few months but I have had no numbness or tingling and I have not lost any strength. I do have pain but nothing that keeps me awake at night, and I have been doing my normal work and working out.

The Dr. said I need surgery and said there is no alternative at this point. I am a bit skeptical of this and also kind of freaked out by the thought of this surgery. I have read a lot of negatives and I actually know someone who just had the surgery and it did nothing for him but put him out of work.

I am going to see my Physiotherapist this week to get her opinion but I just wanted to reach out to this forum and get some advice or hear some stories about having the surgery or not, pros and cons, etc…

Any information is greatly appreciated…


both wrist ,according to want i read it is an inflamation of either the nerve or ligament
doctors claim it is to deep for ice therapy
i used large reusable ice pacs wrapped around wrist and lower part of hand for me it worked

My coworker was diagnosed with carpal tunnel a few days ago and she opted to get a cortisol(?) shot. The doctor told her it’s a temporary fix but so far it’s working for her

If the pain is moderate and no loss of function then surgery sounds total BS to me.

Find a good ART practitioner and get him to work the hell out of your forearms as well as wrists

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