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Just Deadlifts and Chins for Back


Vaguely remember reading a while ago that you could hit all the back muscles with just deadlifts and chins. I like to keep my workouts fairly simple (eg not too many different exercises) but do you think I'm missing out by not having a rowing movement in there? What's your opinion? Thanks


I keep reading in many places that rows are invaluable for building back strength particularly for bench. I do variations of BB rows and DB rows. I'll also do ghetto t-bar rows. I like to keep things pretty simple too. I do a row variation once/week.


At the risk of sounding like a "me-too-er" I think you need rows to balance the particular movement pattern of benching. If you don't bench seriously then pullups and deads are likely enough.


x3^^^ The heavier I row, the more stable my bench is getting. I'm even beginning to use my lats to lower the bar. Hard to learn lifing alone.


Haven't benched for 10 years because of shoulder pain. So I mainly dip and overhead press (doesn't bother my shoulders at all). I just didn't want to get some muscle imbalance that might give me trouble down the line.


BB rows are such a great compound movement, I wouldn't leave them out of my routine because I don't bench.


session A =deadlift & chins

session B= weighted hyperextensions & pull-ups

session C= bent-over rows & dumbell shrugs

should make a more rounded & effective routine


Even more effective is supersetting push/pull movement

military press & chins

bench & bent-over row

dips & upright row


I love deads..chins & any kind of rows. For me, rows are the best to help with the back, though, I know the deads had tremendous thickness. Did this make any sense at all? it looks all mental to me.