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Just Cut Your Kid's Hair for God's Sake


This is dumb as Hell!!!


I had to run extra laps every day after practice because of hair length. But this is stupid on both sides of the ball.


yup. /thread


Trying to teach the kid "a life lesson"? How about when he tries to get a job, you gonna sue his non-employer because your kid looks like a stupid hippy?


If you're not going to follow the damn rules get off the fucking court, playing basketball ain't a right, it's a privileged. You have to follow the rules to obtain the privilege, so cut your hair, hippie.


There are alternatives to a hair cut. My hair was too long for wrestling...I just put a shower cap on or braises it....no need for a hair cut....especially if women dont need to cut their hair to play..why sould the boys?

rock a pony tail
play game



OMGz that really is you!!!


Tell THAT to Troy.



Stupid rule. People's attitude toward hair and appearance in general is fucktarded, as shown in this thread. It's just hair, calm down.


Hell in the mid 80's my football coaches told us to grow our hair out. We all had military buzz cuts, being a bunch of white boys we probably look like hitler youth.


You're right. They could just join the girl's teams since they look the part.


Public schools have so many stupid rules it makes my head hurt.


How is this rule stupid? Someone snags on that kids hair,he cries,mommy and daddy sues the school for that.


Girls have long hair. Girls play sports.


This is retarded, I don't see how hair is a problem?


if the kid isn't committed enough to his team to just get a haircut, how hard is he willing to put out in practice or on the floor during games.


"Coming back for his first practice his junior year, having won a title the previous year, Walton decided he wanted to wear his hair longer than what Wooden required. Walton walked into the gym and Wooden said "Bill, your hair is too long." Walton replied "Yeah, I'm not going to cut it." Wooden just stared at him for about 30 seconds out and then said "Well Bill, it's been a pleasure having you on this basketball team. Enjoy the rest of your time here at UCLA."

Said Walton, "You know, Coach, I have the right to have facial hair."

Coach Wooden answered, "Bill, I know you do. How strongly do you feel about that right?"

Walton answered, "I feel very strongly about it, Coach."

Then, Wooden replied, "Bill, I admire a man who stands up for his beliefs. We're going to miss you this year."

At that point, Walton got on his bicycle and peddled to the nearest barber shop and had his face shaved.

When he returned, he HOPED Wooden would let him back on the team.

As the years went by, Walton continued his relationship with Wooden and called him every week to see how he was doing.

It's not about whether hair is a problem or not. A team is about more than just showing up and doing drills. There are fundamental elements that different teams build on. Not every team requires such things, but some do. The Yankees made Johnny Damon shave and get a hair cut. The coach makes the rules. If you don't like it, too bad.


I'll turn this around: if the kid had been a really good and strongly committed player, I bet the coach would not have cared in the least about the length of his hair.

Denis Rodman used to look like a freak on the basketball court and Andre Agassi used to hit the tennis court looking very unkempt. With sufficient talent, you get a pass on those rules.


The kid should be able to wear his hair however the fuck he wants. In the 70's I bet no one would give a fuck if the kid had a beard or not either.