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Just Customized Some Nike Free's


just customized a pair of these on nike.com
can't wait to get em
what do you think


I think they are great, but are made like shit. I've went though 2 pair in two years. The back heel starts to rip off the sole within the first month of use and they slowly begin to fall apart. I don't know what you pay, but for $65 I expect a little more longevity. Especially considering how much less material goes into making a Free vs an Air Jordan.


Do you use them for running? How much do you run? If you run a lot then a year per pair is actually a bit longer than most running shoes are supposed to be replaced.

Anyway, I think they look nice. I have no experience with any Nike shoe, though.


Those look nice.

I have a pair and mine look like shite, but they're comfortable as shit so I wear them to workout.


I run and train in them, and I do wear them occasionaly when I'm out and about. They are a great driving shoe too!

I had a pair of Adidas that I wore only when I would run(before I got the Frees)and they lasted me a couple years, and are still fine, I just prefer the Frees.


i have another pair of nike running shoes. i'm going to wear these just for lifting