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Just Curious

Just wondering what my leak points are. I felt like i wasnt ready for the rate my physique section so i thought this is where i would belong. I know if i leaned down it would be easier to get good advice since everything would be easier to see. Personally i think, back and arms are my weak points. And first time ever trying to pose so be kind haha.

Back Flexed

Another attempt



Personally for your level I guess your not to bad in general obviously need bore mass in general. But the two areas that scream improvement are your calves and upper back thickness. Shoulders and chest are strongest points but you need all around size. In rate my physique you would probably average 3-low 4 depending on harsh they were being that night.

better than some of the other shit i’ve seen in rate my physique.

i’d say work on back. drop your BF % and your physique won’t be bad at all

Appreciate the responses. @Reed In general how much weight per/lb would you say i would need to look decent? If i recall correctly, 30lb of lbm/inch is pretty good?

@Andrew thank you for the response to i knew my back was just ugly i’ve always struggled with it, lately i’ve been doing more time under tension sets for my back and i seem to “feel it” more so hopefully that will be a sign of progress.

No no no don’t get me wrong man I was not in any way saying you were not not decent. You are much bigger than alot of people here and are not in horrible shape. I just suggest in order for you to be relatively impressive (ie a bodybuilding show) and before you do something foolish like go on a cut I suggest you gain some more all around mass but didnt know what yoir goals were. I can’t say exactly per pound as I don’t know your current stats and pics can be Misleading.

[quote]JohnMariette wrote:
Just wondering what my leak points are.[/quote]

Agreed, if you’re training for a physique-based goal (rather than powerlifting or something number-based). What’s your current goal?

EDIT: Just saw your training log. It seems like you are training for performance, notsomuch bodybuilding. With that in mind, I’ll just say to remember that the lifts are what matter more, especially since it seems like your training hasn’t been geared towards bodybuilding for a while.

I’ll agree with the arms. Your shoulders look solid and your legs (quads at least, tough to tell the hams) look good. When in doubt, do calves.

Also, you have freakishly small nipples. Sorry. Had to be said.

Nothing against you personally, but this is exactly why people who aren’t competitive bodybuilders shouldn’t be doing bodybuilding poses. Competitors practice the poses for weeks and weeks to get them right. What ever happened to a simple front, side, and back view standing up straight with your arms at your sides? It’s not glamorous but it gives a legit total body view.

The back poses you put up are so mangled it’s hard to tell what’s what. From your front double bi pic, though, your lats looks decent.