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Just curious...

This question is to everyone out there using Mag-10 while dieting. I may be more than a bit naive, but why would someone use a product like that in conjunction with dieting versus gaining huge quantities of mass? Wasn’t that the original intent of the product?

If you are using Mag-10 while dieting, are you getting the results you expected? I’ve gained close to 40 pounds (38 to be exact) using Mag-10 (and just recently Myostat), and now I’ll be switching to Tribex, M and Methoxy-7 for the next 4 weeks and try to lose the little fat I gained while on Mag-10. I am curious, however, as to how well those of you did who used Mag-10 as a “buffing” agent.

Using Mag-10 while dieting would allow a 200lb individual to cut calories as low as 1300 per day without losing any lean mass. One could never go that low otherwise, unless he or she wanted to say “bye-bye” muscle. In other words, you’ll lose fat a hell of alot faster, and you’ll retain more muscle while dieting.

I want to know the answer to this, too

If your goal is to be 4% bodyfat and see veins in your legs, abs and all over your body, MAG-10 makes this happen. Extreme calorie restriction is the main theme here.