Just Curious

Wondering if there’s any t-guys or gals in the mid-michigan area or am I all alone here?

You’re alone haha… actually the guy that tore his shorts while doing squats goes to MSU, I think. redman_w or something. There’s also a guy I think his name is pete and he’s got a powerlifting site and everything. michiganpowerlifters.com or something. I myself am from near Detroit in the downriver area. Spencer Nadadlfsgsky whatever his name is, is also from Michigan.

i’m in oakland county, michigan.

Yup. I’m from mid-Michigan. I live in East Lansing and am just about to graduate from Michigan State. I grew up in the enormous megalopolis that is Brooklyn, Michigan, near the Father of All Waters – Clarklake.
I was not born in mid-Michigan, which helps me to avoid such words as “warsh” (wash) and “WLLL” (well) and “drawl” (draw).

Hey, is that Nadolski that posts Spencer Nadolski’s little brother, the one I always see in the West Michigan papers that keeps winning state wrestling titles?

Yeah, that was a brilliant statement. I meant “Karl Nadolski’s little brother”.

I live in Grand Rapids and am a freshman at Grand Valley State University in Allendale.

hmmmm…never heard of the ‘mid-michigan accent’ before. I know my bud who moved to missouri can tell a michigander from a missourian, but as for me saying warsh, i do believe i say wash.
Anyway, I guess I forgot to say where I’m at, Saginaw Valley St. Univ.
Go Cards!

Close…I grew up in Haslett and graduated from MSU. I now live in Royal Oak.

oakland county myself.

Hopefully over 3 years is enough time to warrant a bump.

The site has grown a lot since then. Anyone new from any area of Michigan? Kalamazoo here.

MSU-East Lansing…

Pinckney (Livingston county)

Awesome. Thanks for the replies. What kind of training are you doing right now?

Just wondering what my fellow Michiganders (God I hate that fucking word…It just reeks of FAT to me) are doing In terms of training, nutrition, goals, stats, etc right now.

I will post more if I see this thread hasn’t died off again when I get home from work tonight. Adios guys.

i live in the zoo for school, my hometown is new hudson, which is close to south lyon, which if you still dont know where that is, between novi and ann arbor.