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Just Curious What You Think


been training a long time - goal is strength and athletic performance - I've been a little inconsistent lately but look to get refocused after the new year.

38 years old
~190 lbs


back shot


and yes, i know my legs need work and my posture is a little twisted

thanks in advance


Need lots of good work.


Yea you look to be in better shape than the majority of 38 year old Americans but why post here? You can't possibly think you will get a good rating. How bout actually flexing so we can see if you have muscle or not.


The title alone gave it away.


thanks - i guess i posted just as the title says - just a little curious that's all, not really worried about it as i know where i'm weak and where i'm not. here's a pick of me flexing - definitely not a strong suite of mine either.


flexed back shot


good work, lift heavy and eat clean.that's a short xmas tree..lol


Looks ok. Actually its pretty decent for your age but you say you have been training a while. But why wait for the new year? How long have you been saying this for. Why not start now?


Thicken up some and then lean out, and you'll have a winner there.
You look quite good honestly, and have some good shape there. But you'd get a better rating if you were leaner. Arms do not match your back width, as I would expect from most performance trainers.
I think you can afford to spend a couple more years building some more size before you lean out. Be careful with your diet and supplements as you don;t want to add a ton of excess flab at your age.
Given your age, it may be a good idea to lean out fully before going on a mass building phase. Otherwise very good potential. And 38 is by no means too old to build size naturally with your frame.
Main lifts?


thanks for the feedback.

yeah, my biceps have always been a bit small in my opinion but i rarely do isolation work on them, i pretty much do total body excersises, ie power cleans, snatches, deadlifts and squats as well as some strong man stuff like sled dragging and sandbags.

training consistency is off just because of life - work, kids, recently seperated so home gym is no longer an option so just waiting till new year to wrap up some details and then start hitting it hard again.

plus with the limited time i have i also like to train martial arts. i've been doing that a long time as well so i jump around primarily between bjj, judo and boxing. right now i'm doing a lot of boxing but am starting to really miss rolling so i'll probably hit that again soon.

as far as lifts go - pr's:

bench - 295# (relatively close grip)
deadlift - 465#
squat - 420#x3 but that was a long time ago - have been neglecting squats for a while so that's a long way off at this time but am going to start focusing on them again
hang power clean - 225#
hang snatch - 160#
sandbag from floor to bear hug - 250#
that's all i can think of for now

thanks again for the feedback and happy holidays!


yeah, that's my charlie brown christmas tree. first year in new apartment and just wanted to get something for the kids. had a fun time cutting it down and decorating it.


This is what I feel:

You have a good starting point (EDIT: I mean to take your physique to the next level) and good potential BUT you don;t have that much time to build more quality mass and bring up weak points - compared to someone is his 20's for e.g.

On the other hand, you have the rest of your life to get good at swinging indian clubs and jijitsu or whatever (no real age limit there...you can make significant skill, technique and conditioning improvements at any age without much difference).

What I;m saying is - you can make the same improvements in
those activities at 45 as you can at this age, but not so with adding quality mass. USe this window of opportunity that you've got.

So if you focus on bodybuilding with balls-to-the-wall split training and nutrient timing for a few years (till you're say 45) - and then get back to Judo etc - you'll add some muscle memory that will allow you to return to/maintain your improved physique for the rest of your life with minimal effort.



in order of importance (lag)

shoulders/biceps -they are tied.
back thickness


erm..would anyone happen to know what the Op's power level is?


At the cost of sounding outdated.........

Over 9000!


thanks for the opinion - what your saying makes sense as I've often wished i had started lifting in my teens (started around 24) as i feel i would be bigger now as it's much easier to gain strenght and size at that age.

I do plan on lifting hard in the new year, as i said, i'm going through some changes in my personal life that have kept me from lifting like i'd like but those things should settle down soon and i can get refocused.




What a stupid thing to say.