Just curious on others ab training

  1. What day/time of your training do you work your abs?
  2. What do you do for them?

I work out my abs after my workout. First I do weighted crunches with a 25 or 35 pound plate on my chest. I sit up as far as I can and pause for a second then go back down. I try to get about 20-25 reps. Second I lay on the floor and put a 12-15 pound dumbell between my feet. I raise up my legs then pause for a second at about a 45 degree angle then come back down right before my feet touch the floor and repeat. After I finish that set I go back to the first exercise and repeat them both again.

I just do 12 sets of crunches on my swiss ball once per week. I really strerch and get a “full range of motion.”
I rest 1 min inbetween sets. I go to faluire on the sets so its around 6-15 reps per set to failure.

My gym now has these crunch machines (like Ab Rollers) but you can add weight-like a plate if you want ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS?

I train abs like every other body part,meaning once a week,rarely over 15 reps. .I usually do a variation of straigth-leg raises, weighted knee raises and janda sit-ups.

I hate to just give you articles to read, but without the proper knowledge, a lot of what I would tell you would be meeningless. So do a search on this site for the following articles(I put them in an order that I thought would be most benifical for you): The Thinking Man’s Guide to Ab training, Roll Your Way to Killer Abs!, Abs In, Abs Out, or… Both?, and if that’s not enough you might want to try Back Strong and Beltless and The Loss Secret of Abb Training. Best of luck and just ask if you have any other questions.

Screwing a hell of a lot of screwing. Every angle until I can no longer breathe…

i do my abs before i workout, usually just do queens chair leg raises, then use the swiss ball, and every other workout i switch swiss ball out with some roman chair sit ups, i try to fail at around 11 reps or so each set and only do 3 sets per excercise i work more on range of motion than reps with abs shrug

kent, i’ve read them all and finished up “lost secrets of ab training” currently in phase 2 of “roll your way to better abs”…i asked this question because am i just curious on what others do for them

Irontank, with my answer I in no way wanted to patronize you, or question your amount of knowledge, it’s just that it was quite simple so I assumed (I know assume-starts with ass and ends with you and me) that your knowledge was limited. Because without a base level of knowledge it is quite difficult to communicate. That being said, I like to do do 2x a wk about 3 sets of abb “rollers” (not the one that supports your neck) with some swiss ball crunches and decline situps (while only allowing my body to go parralled to the ground). Best of luck.

it is okay, i know you have no clue about my level of knowlegde, i am only 16 and haven’t been in the iron game for too long (found t-mag about a year ago) so i like to see what every one else does,

Alternation between high rep low intensity and low rep high intensity…generally all movements with explosive concentric and slow focused eccentric…even bodyweight works quite well like this