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Just completed day 6...

After 6 days on OVT taking Mag-10 (6 pills per day) and loading creatine (20g per day) I have gone from 189lbs to 196lbs. Now I’m sure some of that is water retention from the creatine, and a little fat from eating anything and everything. But I do feel stronger, and thicker.

Only first week so I can’t wait to start week two of OVT. I’m considering taking 12 Mag-10 per day, even though they are costly, if it will benefit me.

I do have a question though. Doing OVT, it usually takes me about 25-30 mins per superset. So I’m in the gym for over and hour to complete all 3-4 depending. Is this okay or should I try to shorten it up? I’m taking 120 second rest periods inbetween as per CT’s instruction.

Oh and another thing, does it matter when I take my creatine? I know w/ protein it’s imperative you take it right after you workout. Is creatine the same? When I was loading I would take one morning, one pre-workout, one post and one at night. Now I only take 2 servings, one morning, one night. Any benefit to taking it right before/afer I lift?


You should have between half and all of your daily creatine in your during or pre workout Surge. Don’t bother loading.

i’ll disagre with clintpatty on the loading, but yeah take the creatine before/during and after. this is called the backeting technique and is great when bulking.
Just make sure you have plenty of high GI carbs in the mix and a fast acting protein source (ie HWPI)

Okay sounds good. Any opinions on length of my workouts?

for the length, if you’re gainin like you say you are, why change ANYTHING? samewith the mag10 dosage, if 6 is workin, why would you add another 6? good luck with everything man, just remember if it aint broke…

OVT is a pretty lenghty workout regardless, even CT admitted that it…haha. When I did it last winter, my workouts would take anywheres from 75-90 minutes, so I wouldn’t stress about it too much. Have fun!! And great job with the progress.