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Just Competed for the Second Time

I’m 6’1 and stage weight was around 187-188 carb loaded. I dieted on a Dave Palumbo type keto diet, macros were 100-115f 250-275p and carbs were from vegetables and fiber supplement only. Last two weeks I alternated with protein and vegetables only (300p 30f vegetables).

Only had 8 weeks to really prep as I’m in the navy and finished up a three month deployment in July. All in all I’m happy with where I was at. I lost around 30 pounds (considerable muscle) on that deployment and was fortunate to be even able to compete.

I won my open class (only three competitors unfortunately) and was dead center in the overall (6 classes) by my estimation I was second overall but they only announced first. Learned a lot and hopefully one day I can go pro.


Conditioning is incredible. You must have really suffered

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The saying is true, the worse you feel the better you look. The only thing that really mind fucks you is when doing vegetables and protein only you look like shit and feel like shit. I softened up considerably so it made me second guess myself. When I began carb loading I really started to see it all come together. They say it’s a learning experience and now i know. The first show I did I wasn’t able to see the subtle changes that happened daily and during the load, hourly. Now I know more what to look for and with that I know I’ll continue to progress. I need more size at this point.


Dang boi. Conditioning insane.

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Excellent work! Great that you already know what you need to work on, and I’m sure with more time you’ll do just that.

Any contest pics to share