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Just Clomid cycle

Anyone tried a cylce of just clomid? Be interested in knowing the results if any and how much you took. I’ve been taking 50mg for a week and a half and haven’t noticed much of an affect. Just finishing a very very low D-bol cycle too (first time).

Someone asked Bill or Brock about this a long time ago and the basic consensus was that it would be pretty useless to do a Clomid-only cycle. However, I think they said that overtrained endurance athletes would benefit.

CLOBRO, I agree with TEK. But, I’d like to add, that you are smart to do the clomid. It helps get your system back on track, so to speak. You should hold onto more of your gains by doing what you are doing with the clomid. Stay on it for three weeks. It also helps with the semi-down feeling you usually get after cessasion of steroids. So, basically you shouldn’t notice as much of an “off” feeling and should keep more muscle. So it is not wasted what you are doing. First time on 'roids, you won’t really notice. But, take it from someone who has done a few cycles with and without clomid. It works.

What was your d-bol cycle and how much weight did you gain? How much have you kept?

If you are looking for a “legal” way to boost naturally low test levels (and, presumably, bring down high estrogen levels) an arimidex only “cycle” would be good. Take 1 tab on day one, 1/2 tab eod for a week, then maintain at 1/4 tab eod or every third day. Play with the exact amounts to see what works best for you.

EAG - took 10mg/day D-bol for 6 weeks and gained 7 lbs. Then I went to Mexico for a week on my honeymoon and got sick for 3 days and lost it. It’s coming back now that I’m feeling better.

clobro- hate to bother you too much, but after 10 years of lifting I’m on the fence about doing a small cycle. If you don’t mind- 1) That seems like a very low dose, looking back, would you up it at all? 2) Any problems at that dose? Zits, sore nipples etc… I’d appreciate any info you could give me. If I cross that line, i want to know everything i can.

EAG, to answer your questions, no I did not notice any negative side affects. I probably would not have increased the dosage looking back on it. I’ve heard of people growing on 5mg/day. At 10mg, I could feel the boost and was in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I don’t think I needed the clomid I picked up but am still glad I have it.

eag, I think that is way to low. But to answer your ? I did d-bol @ 50mg a day for 4 weeks and did not have any problems with zits. I did get an ichy nip, but poped a few Navoldex and it went a way.

eag and clobro, ripped was being nice. I’ll try as well. Your first cycle is your best cycle. You’ll gain on anything. BUT, once you are over this virgin cycle, it only gets worse. You have to up the ante’ pretty high to get the same results. So, his 10mg per day for anyone doing a second or 10th cycle is worthless. If all you want to gain is 7lbs, then do it naturally. If you can’t make any more gains, then go ahead. Just realize that if you wanted more than that 7lbs, you will have to probably take 50mg like ripped did and if you don’t have anti-estrogens around, might do some permanent damage. If I could go back 6 years to my first cycle when I was 35, I would have done things allot different. I gained 10lbs. I could have gained 40lbs doing it right. My body was primed and ready. Now I can do 1000mg per weeks and gain/keep only 5-10lbs in 12 weeks, but with side effects. Just words of advice to think before you do your first cycle.