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Just Clomid and Novadex?


I know a guy who has been taking 100mg of test prop eod for 12 weeks. He has also been taking 3iu of HGH 6 days a week. This is only his 3rd cycle in 6 years and is wondering how long he can stay on prop at that dose, and can he come off with just clomid and novadex? If you gotta do the Hcg is that stuff legal? I keep reading it is but my gut says that it's not something you can just buy.


Depends on his body and how he recovers.

I get my hcg and it goes through customs no problem. I'm not too concerned they will come at me for that.

What I have read its legal to purchase a personal supply of 9 months (well what the people say who I buy from)


When you say just depends on his body, what do you mean? I can give more info. I'm thinking that's not much test, is it ok to stay on it a few weeks longer till he gets hcg? I'm thinking it would take a couple weeks to get.


Everybody will recover differently. Some can recover quick and easy while some it's harder.

Honestly I would save the hcg for next cycle. Just do a standard pct.


Thanks, he will appreciate the advise!