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Just Checking In

Hey guys -
It’s been some time since I posted up so I thought I drop a note just to say hey.

The last time started a thread was when I managed to screw myself up pretty bad (well, with the help of a sick teenager)

Unfortunately, that never quite went away (something was sitting in my chest, lurking for an opportunity to try to kill me). On a trip to Austin in early March I got whacked - managed to have both the flu AND strep throat at the same time (having escaped the latter for 44 years).

It’s been a long road back from that - I lost 7 pounds and I could not believe how badly my energy got sacked. First few times I tried to lift I couldn’t even get in what I’d consider half a workout. What kills me is the week before I really got ill I literally had a week of “personal bests” in the gym (well, basement) and I was happy as a clam.

2 days after that trip my mother-in-law passed away, and that kind of put things in a tizzy for a couple weeks.

In the last few weeks I’ve also been traveling my arse off - basically 5 weeks have been on the road. I do my best to use the lame gear most hotels call a “fitness center” to my advantage, but that never seems to mean much real “lifting”. I always have high-hopes of finding a “real gym”, and typically look to see if there’s a 24 Hour Fitness nearby, but being a free-range computer gun-for-hire typically means that free time on the road is non-existent.

I took on some new responsibilities at work, agreeing to take on East Coast work from a guy that lived on the West Coast, because there was that much to do… and then he announced a 3 month leave of absence, leaving me to try and take on the business myself. But no pressure… And, I had my annual performance review wherein I was told that I make too much more than my peers, so my raise was squat. If I handle this new role successfully they might revisit my salary in 3 months… if I don’t work myself into a pine box by then.

But, back at home things are going good. I found myself a cheap rack on eBay so I can do all my “high bar” stuff (squats, good mornings, etc) in relative safety. Turns out its good for dips as well. Well worth the couple hundred clams it cost me.

I quick perusal of Craig’s list and a drive across town landed me some additional weight plates, including a coveted pair of 50#'ers.

My diet has been so-so. Still sticking to the good stuff (still in love with my “super smoothies”) but I have been a bit lax in watching the bad stuff. I also kind of gave up on the food log, more because of my schedule than anything else - it’s really hard to log when you’re not preparing the food yourself. I will say that I have been extremely “good” when traveling. Eating on someone else’s dime can be really conducive to crap eating, but when the location has been favorable I have taken to going to the local grocer for dinner over the local House of Pasta.

I’ve also come to the definite conclusion that I cannot consume “milk & egg protein” if I want to cohabitate with any part of society. I was including it in pretty much all my protein drinks for a while (because it’s cheap and loaded with protein) but it just gives me the farts of penultimate doom like crazy. I couldn’t even stand to be near myself at times. I just thought it was protein in general, but some experiments quickly lead me to the milk-n-egg I was consuming.

And speaking of my ass - I landed my first hemorrhoid last week. The only thing I can attribute it to is the added stress I’ve had of late, and the fact that my dad had them too. It’s not a bad one, but it was bleeding at one point, so all my friends got to have a good laugh at me “finally becoming a woman”. Good times. Ah, the joys of entering my mid-40s. But, I was able to lift without any concern (even squats). I hope this is a singular incident… but somehow don’t think I’ll be that lucky.

The only thing that isn’t really improving for me at present is sleep. There are just too many things I need to get done, and the only time I have for them is at night. I was taking GABA and recently added melatonin, and could fall asleep just fine, but just didn’t make it through the night too often. However, I have found a product that I really love (Venom Lean Dreams) so I’m gonna try that for a time. I got a couple free samples on a recent purchase and was surprised at the night of sleep I got when using them.

But, overall, I’m just happy that I still really enjoy working out when I can, and if all I ever get out of it is “being really healthy” that’s OK with me…

I have still been popping in here from time to time to see what’s going on in the forums, but mostly only lurking. Kinda surprising and usually can’t keep my big mouth shut! But, it’s nice to see “the usual suspects” are still hanging aboot…

Cheers -

Glad you made it back. Don’t know what to say about all the aliments except hang in there and get your workouts in when you can.