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Just Can't Lose Weight


I cannot lose weight for the life of me, I know it is because I do not eat enough. I eat 5 times a day, but I am just not getting enough calories. Check out my fitday.com account under nhiron and help me out what else can I eat.


What are you doing for energy expendature?


Do we just try and guess your password?


Your title says it all. If you truely believe you can't lose weight, then you won't. Negative self-talk is very defeating.

Obviously, you're just not trying to do the "right" things in order for the weight loss to occur.

What types of food do you eat?
What's your training routine look like?


That, and "I'm just not getting enough calories." You do know to LOSE weight, you're supposed to eat LESS calories than you need to maintain weight. If youre saying you cant get enough, you sound like youre trying to bulk, or have the completely wrong idea.

You never mentioned any lifting or cardio.


Most people here will know that can be crap. I personally found that last time I was trying to drop some weight I had better results eating a higher level of calories (obviously still below maintenance) than when I significantly cut the calories. If this guy is in the really low range of calories there may be some significant weight loss, and overall health benefits from increasing the calories.

There is just not enough information to tell at this point.


Try going for 2 hour bike rides at least 3 times a week. Add that to your regular workout (minus the cardio) and something should happen. What you eat is important too. Don't eat a load of high glycemic carbs then go to the office and sit on your ass all day. Still could use your password for fitday!


if you tried a very low call approach for a while, you might have crashed your metabolism, so eating a good cutting diet after that probably wont suffice to kick start your diet... if that is the case, maybe you need to look at taking a few weeks off to get the metabolism up again before cutting back?


As an aside, where are you in NH?



I thought this was a bodybuilding forum?


What do you mean you can't lose weight?

Stop eating. You'll lose weight.

Get a diet happening. Nothing will happen properly if you don't have a plan.


follow Precision Nutrition by JB and you will succeed.


DWOOD totally..biking totally builds your "fuctional speed"


Might I suggest you read up on, then try the "Velocity Diet" (search the articles).

Even a skeleton loses fat (and hence weight) on that program.



Crystal meth does wonders for weight loss!


He's a softball player.


Donate one of your legs to a child that has none and you will loose weight I promise. A leg usually weighs at least 30-50 lbs.


I dont mean to be a smartass, but...
Usually when someones says they're not getting enough calories, it means they're trying to eat more. I agree with you completel that eating more (as long as you stay under maintence) will help you lose weight. (maintence= 4000 calories. He'd do much better losing fat eating 3500 calories than 1800, obviously.)

It just sounded like he had the wrong idea in mind.


Here is a simple math problem that can give you an idea of the amount of calories you want to take in a day. Take the bodyweight you want to reach and times it by 15 (250lbs times 15 = 3750 calories a day.) they say you can eat anything you want as long as you stay under that # just remember you are what you eat still applies. I have a lot of personal experience with this diet, any were from making weight as a boxer or just trying to cut up. I started calorie counting on the 1st of January weighing 265lbs it is now the 29th of January and I'm tipping the scale at an even 240lbs. (Increase you energy output and decrease your calorie intake)

(What you eat and how much you exercise will determine how fast the weight comes off)
good luck


You might want to seriously look into articles here and elsewhere about the ratio of fat/proteins/carbs in your diet. If your calorie intake is 90% fat well,... and not only that, but the types of various fats, some being very beneficial in helping you lose weight. Anyway, get very serious with your research - it seems you are currently going in circles with variations on a theme of the same general flawed diet approach you seem to think is what's needed.