Just Came Back to Say Thank You

About a year ago I came on these forums looking for some advice. Read alot and ended up going on TRT and Thyroid medication. Used alot of advice that was written here. All I can say is this last year has been awesome. I can sleep again and lift weights and recover in a day or two. I don’t feel mentally drained anymore. Also the penis works. Life is good.

Thank you for your help. Hope everyone is having a good year.



Glad for you man.

What’s is your protocol on trt?
And you still take daily 5mg cialis?

I stopped taking Cialis about 4 months ago.Was taking 2.5mg everyday then EoD. I really enjoy how it makes me feel and alot of the pumps are good sometimes. I just mainly stopped because I cannot really work out my lower back or forearms without getting in pain. My forearms will just throb painfully and also my lower back if I do alot of reps. If I was doing mostly low reps I would start taking it again thou, because I love it other wise.

As for TRT I am just doing 175mg week injecting everyday.

Are you still on Thyroid medication?