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Just Broke 17


With no insurance to fix my tore meniscus (happened 6 months ago) I haven't been able to do any cardio so I figured I would bulk up to 205. Measured myself right after the gym and I am sitting at 17.2". Pretty happy with the progress, though the loss of definition is bothering me.


You measured your arms while they were still pumped?


I'm assuming you didnt see the 17 inch arm thread?


This is the official 17.2" arm thread. You're just jealous that you're not there yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha, amen.

This was taken an hour after the gym so I am guessing the pump was all gone.


The loss of definiton is bothering you?


I can't tell if this is serious or a joke. I hope it's meant to be a joke.


good job man

what is you height?
what is your max bench press?
how much do you curl?


How much do you dumbbell kickback?
What's your Bosu squat?

Come on man


pschhhh look whos talking!

how much can YOU dumbbell kickback?
how much is YOUR bosu ball squat?



My bench max is the reason for my 17" bis.


pump is gone like 1-2 days after the gym not 1 hour


Oh great, right when I was about to break out the champagne for my 11.75" arms.



I am pumped 150% of the time I have been alive, do the math, at 20 years old I've been pumped for 30 fucking yearsss..


Pump = Erection???


Well duh, look who he posted after.


Me. I was number 1 replier...I gave all you da wood.


Also, I broke in a 17 year old once...both holes.


English bro, learn it.


"Bro" is incorrect. I suggest you also take lessons.