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Just Bought a Pull Up Bar, How Can I Improve?


I saw on here that some people have gained strength and size in their pull ups/lats by doing a pull up every hour (or something similar)

So i went out and bought a pull up bar (the iron gym one that goes on the door frame)

What is the best way that you guys recommend to increase my lat size/strength/ROM/consecutive pull up #?
Pull up every hour?
Pull ups to failure twice a day?
pull up negatives?
Eat in a calorie deficit and don't train? (just kidding)

Let the suggestions begin!

(On a side note, I can't do a full chest-to-bar pull up, so ROM increase is necessary)


I think... If you want to use pull ups to train your lats then you need to have a good mind-muscle connection so you are really using your lats on pull-ups. I also think that sometimes people load things up too much so the targeted muscle simply refuses to participate properly leaving other things to pick up the slack.

Resistance bands? Really focusing on pulling those elbows down. Especially if you don't have a lat pull down machine...

There are loads of articles on this site about how to improve your pull-ups...


Thanks for the response, I workout in the gym on a full workout routine 5 times a week. This pull up bar thing is just supplementary. I am doing other lat training, like pulldowns.


If it were me, I'd just do pullups throughout the week for extra volume for the upper back and lats.


What kind of pullup bar is it? If it comes with various grips, you can use them as a means of progression from the mechanically strongest to the weakest to improve pullup strength. You aren't fat are you or do you mean you just can't finish the top portion of your reps?


A tip for pull up technique would be to have your feet out in front of you slighlty and contract your abs hard, this will keep your body stable and you'll be able to focus on your lats throughout the movement.

As far as reps/sets/failure, just do what spar4tee said.


No I am not fat, 6 foot 4, 235 pounds lean, Can never get that last squeeze in.

Just to clarify in case more people read this:
I am not asking for a back workout, I have a back workout already. I just want to improve pull ups. And YES I know there is information already on improving pull ups, but I am taking the method of doing them more often which is why I bought the bar.


http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/take_your_pullups_to_the_next_level - read this article its great... also i have the same pullup bar as you. what i liked doing was waterburys suggestion of doing like 50 pull ups a day but break them up however you like, just as long as you do 50. do 10 sets of 5, 5 sets of 10, 2 of 25 who cares? just do them. btw how lean is lean when you say that?


If u cant do a full pullup id reccomend doing isometric pullups at every angle for maybe 10 - 15 seconds for 10 sets. I do them in between chest day workouts. For example, 1 set neck press, 1 minute later 10 sec. Iso pullup, 30 secs to a minute later neck press... Gained some size and strength from this and was still stronger on back day :slightly_smiling:


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I am pretty lean, i am actually going to post a pic in nutrition and supplements later to get feedback. I seriously don;t know how I am 235ish I look more like 215.


big legs probably. i was gunna say, how the hell are you 235 and lean you must be huge as shit lol. everyones got a different outlook on lean too, id say less than like 8? is lean.


Just noticed it's Iron Gym, so yea do multiple grips for volume throughout the week.


Chad Waterbury has a few interesting article on pullups that id def. Reccomend reading.




yeah he's the one that advocates the 50 a day scheme and an article i already posted here ^^^ thatll teach you 5 different exercises to help improve your pull-up


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2 much body movement, use strict form and do the clap pullups o.O
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