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Just Bought a Power Rack!


Since I have my own apartment now, and a den, I decided to set up a little gym at home and it will allow me to sneak in workouts anytime, which is especially usefull during golf season! I bought a power rack from NY Barbells. It was quite cheap, $320 shipped.

I was up at Sports Authority and they have a 300lb weight set for $99. The bar is shit and I'll get a different one but you cant beat that price for weight. Comes with 2 45's, 2 35's, 2 25's and the rest are in 10's and 5's. If you need plates head over to your Sports Authority as I think its a nation wide sale. Shit, for $200 you can get 600lbs of plates!

Here a pic of the rack. Nothing spectacular but it will serve its purpose until I get the dough for an Elite one!


Hey it sounds like a good deal, but if you want to get some cheap plates, get in good with the strength coaches at a local college or high school. When the local high school got new stuff we got a lot of used equipment for really cheap.


Hey congrats on the rack. Getting set up for us to lift in our own place was the smartest thing I have done in a long time. Also keep checking your local papers classified ads. You can usually always find 300 lb olympic sets in there. Depending on your part of the country you can find some sweet deals on stuff from Ebay. There never seems to be anything good from my area though :frowning:



I used to think it was great that I could throw everything that was important to me into a duffle bag, along with my clothing, and move on without much trouble. I don't place a lot of value on material goods.

I have no frickin' idea how I'd pack my power rack. :slight_smile: I love that damned thing. Best purchase I ever made.


It's all about craigslist.org

I got a used rack with w/ 7-45s, 2-35s, 2-25, 2-10s 4-5s and a solid bar for under 400