JUST BIG is a new internet radio show hosted by Vincent Dizenzo and Matt Rhodes. Past guests have included Ed Coan, Dave Tate, Jim Wendler(twice), and Billy Mimnaugh. In addition to being informative, its frickin hilarious!

Anybody who hasn’t checked it out yet needs to give it a listen, and check out their facebook page. It airs every Monday night @ 8pm eastern on ftns radio, and replays @ the same time on Tuesday. Check it out guys!


I listened to the interviews w Billy and one of the Wendler ones. Vincent and Matt are great guys and are hilarious to boot. I can’t wait til the tech guys set it up as a podcast to download, I’m rarely in front of a computer when they’re on

Tonight’s guest is Gene Rychlak, the first person to bench 900 and 1000.


Chad Wesley Smith of “Juggernaut” fame will be tonight’s guest at 8pm eastern! Replay tomorrow night at the same time.

I host a show on FTNS too! It airs mon-fri 10am-12noon EST. It is called Fit You, its about living a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. I am good friends with the creator of FTNS! There are a lot of great shows on FTNS about many different areas of fitness/health!

Rob Luyando will be on tonight. Rob’s one of the baddest benchers on the planet. I can’t wait to get him on!

[quote]vdizenzo wrote:
Rob Luyando will be on tonight. Rob’s one of the baddest benchers on the planet. I can’t wait to get him on![/quote]

Thanks for putting this up, Vincent. I’ve slacked on alerting people on the last few guests. Should be a great show!

Thanks a lot, I love podcasts. Am I right in assuming you have to listen to this live? That kinda sucks if true.

They are working on the podcasts. They should be available once the new website is up. That was supposed to have launched already, so it’s close.

the shows are good stuff

should transfer some shoes/ excerpts to youtube

Tonight we have pro strongman Mike Jenkins on. He’ll be competing in his first WSM in just a few day. Listen in to www.ftns.co at 8:00 pm est. The show will be repalayed tomorrow night as well. Check out the Just Big page for podcasts of past episodes. Yes, podcasts have arrived!

Going through the past episodes, show is great.

Not to nitpick but the episode with Chad Smith is missing, was looking forward to that one after picking up the juggernaut method.

The beautiful and talented Jen Comas Keck will be on Just Big tonight.

Jim Wendler is on tonight. Don’t miss it.

Kiefer will be on tonight. I am very excited to pick his brain live. Check out the Just Big show on www.ftns.co at 8:00 pm est. If you have any questions send them to the JustBig page on Facebook. Thx.

Just went into my hub to find this thread and dig it up for Kiefer and then noticed it had been updated today. Thanks Vincent! For those interested, here is the line-up for the next month:

11/21 John Kiefer
11/28 Jason Pegg
12/12 Girls Gone Strong, Jen Comas and Julia Ladewski
12/19 Chris Mason

Some awesome guests coming up, should be great!

Good lord! Kiefer, pegg and thompson! What a pleasure!
Definately gonna download them podcasts for sure! Got the dave tate one the other day, damn it was funny but just makes my yearning to get to westside that more intense! One day for sure!

Good work on the talk show Vincent Dizenzo, lovin it!

I try to put together a quality show. Thanks for listening.

Should be entertaining tonight, we are having Jason Pegg on.

Holy $hit! We have Donnie Thompson on this Monday the 5th. Don’t miss this one. Donnie said this will be his last interview as a powerlifter ever1