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Just Because...


Thought this could be an interesting learning experience for many new lifters, and could give great advice for more "experienced" ones.

Finish this sentence: Just because....

I'll start it off:

Just because you drink water out of a milk jug, doesn't mean you're jacked.

Chime in...


Just because you can make a thread doesn't mean you have to....lol just kidding

Just because you workout doesn't mean you know everything there is to it..

^^ It pisses me off when a kid that has been going to the gym for 2 weeks thinks he knows everything about bodybuilding.


Just because you want to be jacked doesn't mean you have the balls or intensity to get there.


Just because you're ugly doesn't mean you're tough.


Just becuase you know a lot doesn't mean your smart.

Just because you use to doesn't mean you still can.




Just because you're big doesn't mean you're strong.


Just because I'm bigger, stronger, smarter, and exponentially more sexy than you doesn't mean I can have your girlfriend.

Wait a minute...


This is so true. You'd think a 9-incher could at least be used to pick up a half-full can of paint. I can barely hold the empty can for a few seconds with mine.

Maybe if I try negative-only training for a while.


so true


Just because you're not gay, it doesn't mean you can't get AIDS.


Just because you see a guy lifting in the gym everyday, that doesn't mean he is an expert.


Just because you lift all the time or use a "good" program doesn't mean you will grow.

(meaning, intensity and eating enough are needed and often over looked).


Just because your momma says your 'special', it does not mean you are.

Also, along those lines...

Just because there are articles about 'hard-gainers' and 'over-training', it does not mean you are.


Uhm, what?


Just because you train for size, doesn't mean you have to hate what powerlifters do.

Just because you train for strength, doesn't mean you have to hate what bodybuilders do.

Just because you train for size and strength, doesn't mean you have to hate what Crossfitters do.

Just because you think the term "bodybuilding" means "more size is always better," doesn't mean you're right.


Just because you've been posting on these forums for a while, doesn't mean we should take your advice.




Just because you had groupsex with your highschool football team in the showers, doesn't mean you're gay.


the fuck does this have to do with bodybuilding??