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Just Awesome

And he doesn’t even know what the hell he looks like! That man really does it for the love of lifting.

Wow. Someone needs to offer him a a spot in T-Nation. Develop a brail portion for him or something.(NOT meant to be a joke, this is a sincere compliment).

Uh. . .


That is amazing.

Blindness aside, I noticed he looks like he could do a vacuum pose quite easily.

Holy fuck.

Okay - I don’t like bodybuilding very much, but that is outstandingly awesome.

I love how keyed in to where the other competitors were and forced his way through them to the front.

Wow! Just… wow!

Wouldn’t normally do this, but it’s bump-worthy.

Let me get a bump!



he’s so juiced :wink: j/k just incredible

Anyone have pics of him at the Team Universe 2001?

I’m going to go search myself, but thought I’d ask for some here




That was obnoxious.

I meant it though

Atlantic City Pro


Amazing. The guy must know his weights really well.

Amazing. Gives a whole new definition to the term powerful.
Great post!!

Just wow. And ^ every time I get the chance.

Very cool.