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Just Ate 1.3 Kg of Peanut Butter


i just ate a 1.3ish kg tub of peanutbutter..little scared to move right now, post some outrageous amount of food that you've ever eaten in one sitting

the pic is to make this thread not a complete waste.

( i did search and nothing )


12 eggs
1 pound potatoes
4 english muffins
7 slices cheese
1 glass of fat free skim milk
1 pizza pan
= My meal


Is that a 'low' day Jonny? Just kidding.


That's my breafast every other day.

Takes me a good half hour to eat it.

I love them english muffins with eggs and cheese though, so good.




I just had Chinese food ...


What did your fortune cookie say?


Last night I ate two t-bone steaks and a whole bag of sweet potato fries with five Dirty Bastard Ales.


What fortune cookie?


...you will now have cold sores for life :frowning:


Two English muffins with eggs and cheese are my treats twice a week.... so fucking good... I wish I could eat that every other day... I just gained five pounds of adipose tissue looking at that picture, but I like how you made sure to mention the milk was skim....

Throw some thick cut ham steak on there and it is pure heaven..


all these words on the page are distracting me from that girls nipple.

ok not really.


Me and a friend decided to go into KFC one day and get a family meal. Well after two friggin' pieces he felt sick but we hate throwiing stuff to waste so I finished the lot on my own.
I was unable to move for half an hour after I had finished eating


Footlong doubestacked subway club with just about everything on it
Protein Bar
Bowl of Cereal
Two cans of large Tuna


12 eggs? really?


fat free skim milk...nice touch.


A large, thick crust, pepperoni pizza

i think i had some breadsticks with it, too


That is not very excessive . I eat between 7 and 8 when I have them. I have to hold myself back a little, or I probably would also eat that many.


Yes, of course. You've never downed a carton? It's just eggs, shit be cheap like $1.69 for 18 grade A eggs and I mean there are 6G of protein per egg so it's good to get the day going.

Oh heck yes I had to make sure.


I think my mother would kill me. I don't have a job so buying my own shit ain't an option yet.
But now you got me intrigued. I want to eat a whole carton now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I also heard anything more then 40-50g of protein in one sitting is not gonna be used or something? Is this true? If so your pissing money away.