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Just Another Squat Form Check


Hi, been busy with school and have not checked in. Here are videos I have taken over the past few months.
First one was last Tuesday.

Squat 270lb
First set did 4 reps:

My other video is not uploading but I was only able to get 2 and so I deloaded by 10% as per greyskull lp.

The other videos were months ago and cannot remember the various weights other then they were in the range between 200lb and 300lb.

I know it's bad I can't remember the weights but I thought it might still help with advice.

Anything common you all find I should work on? Thanks for the all help.


Videos aren’t showing up bud


Sorry I messed up. Heres the 270lb video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSbhXa7-ilU

For the others, heres my training log. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/i_am_a_kaiju_sith


A couple things:

I’d work on your walkout first off, take as few steps as possible. It looked like you did two separate walkouts there which is just costing you weight on the bar.

Are you purposely pausing at the bottom? Your depth is about there but you should really be exploding out of the bottom with that weight as it didnt seem too difficult for you.

Also it appears you are over-arching your back to some degree, so bracing a little better is going to pay off alot for you.


Not on purpose. I have never mastered the stretch reflex and have trouble not pausing.


They look OK, but take more time to set the bar on your shoulders and get exactly where you want to be before unracking and walking out. Then as cparker says, just take one walkout so make sure you do it right. IMO time spent setting up is never time wasted.

Depth is just about OK, try going an inch or two lower to be sure though. The pause is something I’ve seen in others a few times, you need to work on feeling when you hit depth and exploding upwards. Unfortunately I’m not sure how to do that because I’ve generally been ok in that respect. Maybe going to depth and deliberately pausing there could help; or set up a box at depth and the moment your butt hits it, explode upwards.


Here are two more.

Second set (Sorry I did not film the first today)

Failure set

I moved the camera on the failure set since I saw it sucked on the second set.

Anyways, these were taken before I checked this thread for the advice. Part of the 2 walkout I was doing was because the squat rack I use at my homeowners club sucks and the way its angled is weird and my left side of the plates hit a few times in past workouts, one of which caused me to fall and almost dislocate my left knee if the rack had not caught the barbell. Hence I was doing a two step walkout out of fear. Should I try just taking a bigger step in my walkout? Unfortunately, I am living with my parents and my dad won’t sign me up for a better fitness place. I will be back at college in the fall semester so this terrible gym is just temporary.

Luckly, the place is lenient with rules and lets me use chalk as long as I clean up.

Also, my failure reps looked high to me. Should I go ahead and increase on Saturday’s workout (Thursday is deadlift day in Greyskull LP) and just try to get deeper?

Tightening up is something else I have been working on. I watch a lot of Chris Duffin’s squat videos.

Thanks for the all of the advice. I will try not to have as bad of an arch. Try as much as I can, I have never felt this stretch reflex that is talked about in SS a lot.


Yes, they’re a tad high. Also looked very easy at the end for a failure set - you’re strong enough to go for another couple of reps, and your technique is good enough.

I’d really recommend squatting to a box set at your goal depth. Not a box squat, just touching the box and coming up.

Overall it looks fine to work with though, so keep up the good work.


Walkout: unrack the weight with a narrow stance. Take one step straight back with your left foot. Then take a step back and out with your right. Finally, step back and out with the left, and you should be in your squat stance.

Unrack the weight forcefully. It’ll give you a lot of confidence and overcome the “Holy crap that’s heavy” response you get when you unrack it slowly.

tightness takes a lot of practice. Keeping the upper back tightly flexed and the abdominals braced while focusing on the weight and hitting depth and keeping the knees pushed out and pushing through your heels and all that other stuff isn’t easy.

You’re doing great, though. Keep improving your form as you increase the weight slowly.

Oh, and that wasn’t a failure set. You can do a lot more than that.


I see no cause for alarm with what you’ve put up here. I won’t say they look great, but you’re still new. You just look like you need to work on improving your squat, which is true for just about every squatter on the planet.

Make it a ritual, watch a lot of good squatters squat, read a lot of good squatters thoughts on squatting and don’t stop working to improve. Apply yourself and figure out what works for you. You will do fine.

How do your squats feel to you?