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Just Another Sheiko Log

Hi there. I am gonna try a 4 day sheiko program.

training experience : trained alitle at home for about 1 year something, but didnt start to go to gym before 6 months ago. at about juni I lost my card and didnt find it again before august, so you could say that I´ve been to the gym for about 4-5 months.

Age : 16
country : Sweden, excuse me for my poor english : )
Weight : 80kg
lenght : 5’10 ? 183-184cm.
bench : 95kg on a good day
squat : 130kg bow squat, was pretty easy
deadlift : 160kg, 4 months ago, can´t deadlift anymore because of a “jersey finger”.
sports : American football, I play running back.

So I will atempt sheiko with 100kg in the bench that is +5 kg more then my real max, but the weights looked pretty easy anyway, I just hope that the volume wont kill me.

Just gonna go for the 130kg, even tho it was an easy lift.

no deadlifting, my finger can not really support any weight, after 90-100kg the finger wont “work” anymore, I tested with rems aswell but it still hurts.

american football:
I only train on wednesday on the off season, gonna take it easy and watch for overtraning.

here is a movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-0hPVJNHjo

bench, at the chest, I dont seem to get any speed at all there.

squat: I look down at the start.

gonna start tomorrow, anyone got any tips ? something on my technique?

I would strongly recommend that you do not add 5kg to your one rep max on the bench to start. It is more important to be able to finish all the reps in these programs than to move maximal weight. The programs dont look that hard but they will catch up with you.
After a few weeks in, if you feel the work out is too easy then add 5kg to the total used to compute your weights. That is what I have done in the past.

I watched your videos, you may want to work on tucking your elbows a little bit more too. There is a lot of benching in Sheiko and benching like that is asking for shoulder trouble in the long run.

Skipping the deadlifting seems a little unusual. I’m not sure about your program, but usually one day a week revolves heavily around the deadlift. So this would be a very minimal day. Remember that Sheiko is a power-lifting routine designed to get you strong for the three lifts and the workout is tweaked to improve all three lifts at once.

I guess if you are skipping deadlifts, and training for football you would be better with some like WS4SB

Anyway, best of luck at whatever you choose.

Thanks for your reply, If I coud deadlift I woud have done it. it´s just that I have tendon problems in my midle finger on my right hand.

thanks for the tip on the bench presses.

I figured that I wanted to raise my strenght to then move on to osmething like westside for speed work / me days.

Edit : 130kg bow squat = 130kg bow squat, so you don´t get any funny idés :smiley: . anyway. starting tomorrow.

I just had a thought, does it hurt to use staps for deadlifts? Then at least you can work your hamstrings and glutes. Good luck

yes, I will prob do glute ham raises, but I was thinking of doing some pylo or woud that fry my cns to much? the weights for the squat doesnt seem high at all to me, since I have done 120kg x8 on box squats, (those where just a litle high) but doing 5 sets of 2 reps at 100-105 kg won´t hurt me to much.

what do you think ?

Edit : yes it hurts when I use straps aswell : /

damn, evrything feelt bad today. the squats feelt strange. I am gonna take this week off, atleast untill friday and then on monday I will start shekio, forget this log for a week and then check back : )

okey, I worked out at friday and evrything feelt very good again.

The program I will do is the CMS/MS 9-week Cycle

Just to let ya know, I have run thru a sheiko cycle based off 5kg more than my best bench. It can work, but only if you’re recovering well, and to be honest since this sis your first time doing ti, the volume is gonna hit you REALLY hard, so it might be a better idea just to run it with your actual best bench this time.

yeah hanley, I thought so as well, I did some thinking and came up with that I am gonna do it like this instead:

bench : 95kg
Front squat: 100kg best is a 90kg x5 for a long time ago when I did high 105s for the back squat
sumo deadlift - 120kg , I am sure I can pull atleast 20-30kg more, but since I havent deadlifted in ages and my finger doesnt feel to well I figured I will start with this