Just Another Cycle Critique


Please advise on this cycle. This is my “base” (TRT/HRT):
125mg test-e/wk
25 mg test-p/wk
100 mg Primobolan/wk

What I’ve been taking:
50 mg methyltestosterone/ED for the 1st week; and
75 mg methyltestosterone/ED for the second week (now)

I’ve seen great results.

However, if all goes as my last order, TR3ST arrives tomorrow as it passed customs last night (fingers crossed).

The focus I’ve had from 50mg MT pre-workout has been incredible. So have the gains for only a two week run.

Should I:

  1. Continue MT at the same dose and add in 50-75mg TR3ST
  2. Lower the MT dose to pre-workout only and add in the 50-75mg TR3ST
  3. Discontinue MT completely and run TR3ST at 50-75mg and 100mg if tolerable

As mentioned, on TRT and have AI and SERM on hand. Right now, I’m running 20mg Nolva/day and 0.5mg adex every 3.5 days. I will increase the AI to E2D if the bloat gets too out of hand, but for now, everything has been good on my “base” and MT dosage.

Also, all support supplements have been pre-loaded. So, no advice needed for that.

This is my 2nd oral only cycle (aside from adding TRT as necessary during the last 2 weeks of my 1st run of Halo).