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Just Another Bloodwork

Hi folks,
This is my first post but jet i feel like i know some of u very good hehe. For last couple of weeks i am trying to educate myself about hormones and this path lead me here. Any way i am from Norway and for last 6 month i am feeling terrible. Energy gone, cannot focus, no libido, no erecrion, my trenning sux big time (no will and power) etc. I am 34 trenning 4 times a week and keeping balanced diet and i am 182cm, 80kg ,cca 15%bf. Because of all above i went to dr to check my blood and here are results. I still havent spoke with dr i will meet him in friday. I would be grateful if u could check my blood work before i see dr…thx
B-Hemoglobin 13,7 13,4 - 17,0 g/100 mL
B-Leukocytter 6,0 3,5 - 10,0 10^9 /L
B-Trombocytter 204 145 - 348 10^9 /L
S-Ferritin 125 20 - 300 ug/L
S-Jern 18,5 9,0 - 34,0 umol/L
S-Vitamin B12 668 * 170 - 650 pmol/L
S-Folat 22,5 >5,7 nmol/L
S-Natrium 140 137 - 145 mmol/L
S-Kalium 4,0 3,6 - 5,0 mmol/L
S-Kalsium 2,22 2,15 - 2,51 mmol/L
S-Magnesium 0,78 0,71 - 0,94 mmol/L
S-Kreatinin 70 60 - 105 umol/L
S-eGFR (CKD-EPI) 117 >68 mL/min/1,73m2
S-Urinsyre 324 230 - 480 umol/L
S-Bilirubin 8 <26 umol/L
S-ASAT 66 * <45 U/L
S-ALAT 37 <70 U/L
S-Gamma GT 25 <80 U/L
S-Fosfatase, alkalisk 85 <105 U/L
B-HbA1c 35 28 - 42 mmol/mol
S-Kolesterol 3,6 3,3 - 6,9 mmol/L
S-HDL-kolesterol 1,8 0,8 - 2,1 mmol/L
S-LDL-kolesterol 1,5 1,4 - 4,7 mmol/L
S-PSA 0,29 0 - 2,5 ug/L
S-TSH 0,45 0,20 - 4,0 mU/L
S-Fritt T4 17,0 11,0 - 23,0 pmol/L
S-Fritt T3 4,9 3,5 - 6,5 pmol/L
S-FSH 7 1 - 12 U/L
S-LH 3 1 - 10 U/L
S-Østradiol-17beta <0,07 0,00 - 0,17 nmol/L
S-Testosteron 13 8 - 35 nmol/L
S-SHBG 35 8 - 60 nmol/L
Fri Testosteron indeks 3,7 2,3 - 9,9
S-Vitamin D 70 50 - 150 nmol/L

Note that my ASAT is elevated but its is normal for me…when i train its like this.
Sorry some of this is in norwegian but i thin most u can understand.

Your Estradiol is super low, and that is because your Testosterone is low. The SHBG is where you would expect it to be with low T, the thyroid numbers all look fine. Your LH is low, your body should be trying harder to produce test given the numbers, so it is likely not your testes that are the problem but that they simply aren’t being told to produce enough.

Thx for reply. As i understand and u point it the lack of LS is making problem and loop stuck here…i am sure its more complex then my understanding but mybe if i guide my doctor to LS issue if he give me “in the range” crap.
What would u do if u are in my spot?

Do you plan on having kids? HCG or Clomid would probably work, although Clomid carries a higher risk of bad side effects than other things. TRT is the easiest in many ways, but you have to consider the implications of that and fertility. You could try lifestyle and exercise modification first, but honestly a shot of test once or twice a week will cure symptoms.

I have 2 so i am done with makin more hehe. Can HCG fix problem with LH…trigger it somehow to work by its own or is usualy only good while u taking it? Just your toughts…i know there is no rules. Oh man i see long road ahead…u cannot imagine how things are strickt around here uhh
Thx for your help…i feel better allready

HCG mimics LH, so it would not trigger it to work better. Clomid will do that, but there are risks with Clomid, serious for some.

I’ll make my case with dr in 2 days so we will see what he says. Like u said it smells like TRT to me now the more i learn about this. If it come to that i see lot of guys start something like 100 per week and adjust if needed after blood test in 6 weeks or so…is this also your recommendation?

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@hardartery Bad news, doctor told me he will not do anything cos’ i am in the ”range“ and he is not allowed. So basicly told me to fu*ck myself. I realy stood my ground and said about all syimptoms and that is obvios that nummbers are low and he say that he can prescribe me some antideppresent or some shit like that??? So we know what the problem is but he is not allowed to fix it but he is allowed to make me zombi to counter the syimptoms i have?? I couldnt beleve it,uffff
Any way thanks for your help…ill try to find some private clinik who may try to fix me.

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Have you looked into what you could do on your own to boost T? There plenty of supplements out there. That along with diet changes may give you just what you need.

Don’t be hell bent on jumping on the TRT bandwagon. Other methods my work for you.

I supplement myself with multivitamins and extra vit d cos’there is not much sun here, collagen type 2 and msm cos of popping and painful joints,rhodiola rosea and fenugreek for test, spirulina overall healt, zma, creatine and proteines sup. Regarding diet is more like a lifestayle and its no processed food and simple sugars and all my famly practise it. I allowed children sweets only saterday. Food is home made with lots of fish, white meat, vegetables and fruit. Also only full grain and dont eat bread, donats, pizza and all that process crap but anly pasta rice kus kus and oat meal. Personaly i eat 5 times a day…that works for me best. If u have some idea what i can do naturaly by all means tell me

Dude, calm down.

Everything is very common. Most doctors will react like that. Because they are idiots. There is a huge difference between being in range and being optimal. And this range is also total garbage. About the andidepressants - just tell this guy to kill himself but rip off his medical license first. The bad thing is this is very common. A lot of doctors need to rip off their medical license for being ignorant.

Im in similar position than yours. My readings are very similar. Maybe I will start TRT in a few months but I will try a bit more naturally. And even on TRT it is very important to go into TRT with optimum lifestyle and optimum diet to reduce risk of side effects.

If you want to consult quality doctor - look to contact this guy. He is doing telemedicine but he charges expensive:


He will pay attention to your symptoms and very likely will agree to put you on TRT but most probably will try clomid first, just this is standard approach for younger people like us. I myself could not handle clomid but some people do.

Also make yourself a blood test on the prolactine.

P.S. If you are not planning to have more kids you are in a much easier position than me and for you is much easier to start TRT.

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Sorry about the delay, I’ve been gone all day and offline. So, some red meat actually helps test. Your joints are popping because your Estrogen is so low, and your estrogen is low because your testosterone is low. The truth is, you seem to eat healthy and you are in a country with generally better food and eating habits (not everyone obviously). I am not sure what your options are there. I know that test can be purchased there, I do not know how illegl it is to buy without a prescription. Vitamin D, Vitamin K, fats - especially Omega 3 fats like salmon. Lifting weights, higher weight long rest times (3-5 minutes) between sets.
Probably you will have to talk to someone in private care at some point. That is what most people end up doing. People get upset all the time about what isn’t covered, and what cannot be done because people have abused the system. The simple truth about healthcare is the same everywhere. Socialized medicine is great for most things, if you get cancer or have a bad accident you will be taken care of and not go bankrupt. Private care is always better, but the average guy cannot afford private care. There is great medical treatment in the US if you are rich, otherwise it is actually one of the worst medical systems in the world. You will probably need to find a private specialist for treatment, or buy it black-market. Eventually the medical system will change under the preponderance of evidence and you will be covered.

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In fact according to latest detailed researches power-lifting like training with long rests between sets is not benenifical for testosterone. In fact Ive researched a lot of power lifters have testosterone issues(in now many people in this environment). And I talk about people who were not professional and have NOT used AAS. My brother used to be a fitness coach, he was training like a powerlifter and his t is fucked up like mine. We have not examined him in details so of course the reason can be completely different.

According to these researches Ive seen only in paper unfortunately and cannot post now body-builiding like training with big intensity and volume is much more beneficial for T provided you are bot overtraining.

But at the end I do not believe anybody improved his T with strength training significantly. Strength training can have a lot of benefits to the body that can eventually lead to improving of T but it is only a smart part if the equation. For example nutrition seems to be much more important. And there are a lot of myths about healthy nutrition that people follow and get fucked up.

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I am willing to try leggaly first so i send some mails to private clinics in oslo so i will know more in monday. Private service here is crazy expensive but i discuss it with my wife about your proposal and ill give it a shot. If that doesent help cos here ppl dont usualy like to even bend rules i will try finding clomid and start with it for 4-6 w and see what happens…mybe just mybe LH starts working again. Regarding diet i am using common sense and generaly what is considerd healty, mybe there is some things to improve ill take more reserch. For long time i am making short intervals of 30 sec between sets…doin heavy weight for an hour followed by 15 min intense cardio. I will also do more reading about best training regime to boost hormones. U can bet that i will conntact u guys again hehe… u are very helpfull

I do personally recommend anything illegal. I was a clean athlete in because of laws, the sport had no prohibition.

In fact, a study is just a study, and most of them are pretty flawed and they do not produce much in the way of facts. That way of lifting helps some.Nothing helps everyone. Sleep is the most important, and nutrition is a little important, but the majority of men do not have a problem and eat a terrible diet.

The majority of men don’t know that they HAVE a problem with T, I mean they are not optimal. Not being optimal oftean leads to one or more symptoms credited to all kinds of bulshitt

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I agree from my own experience. If i just played by doctor and didnt take any research i will not ask for hormon test and i wouldnt know about hormone problem and he may most likely convinced me that is stress related or only in my mind sort of thing.