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Just an Old Veteran


every Memorial Day we say thanks to our vets and active servicemen on this site and then I read all the anti military and anti American bullshit and it just gets old. I get pissed off because you can't talk to people that don't really understand what's it like to be a veteran or the family of one.
people enjoy the results of the sacrifices made but most will never understand what's really involved.
it's been more than a few years for me but the shit never really goes away. sounds and smells bring back all kinds of memories good and bad. you always remember the things you want to forget like a friends last breath.

I know someone will tell me I'm a pussy and all us vets are murderers. they have that right. we gave it to them. it's just not worth the anger to argue with them anymore.
to all the vets and their families all my prayers, respect, and love.

just an old veteran


Thank you for your service. My father was in the 187th in Korea and my best friend is an e7 currently serving. I've found most soldiers are peace loving amd don't want to fight not because they're cowards or afraid but because they don't want their friends to die. My father would not let me join because he felt he had done enough fighting for everyone. Most soldiers, contrary to public opinion, are quite intelligent and choose to serve to protect their friends and family.


I alwaus feel a little awkward when I get thanked. Does anyone else get that?


Yes, although, I don't take compliments very well, either. In most situations, I don't talk about my service, as I grow weary of opinions. Especially from that have no clue, so I tend to keep to myself, in that regard. That, and like MH pointed out, it's strange to be thanked.


I was gonna say thing but i think i would have just come off as a assshole.

So I'll just say thanks for your service.


And being humble is a reason to be thanked I believe. Soldiers volunteer for a job they understand the risks and they still do it anyway, they don't ask for anything more than a mission objective and that they're friends get to go home and that to me is the definition of a true hero


From just another old vet......thanks. The best to you and yours


I salute all you fine gentlemen and women who serve, have served, and sacrificed so much so that I can have so much.


I'm from Europe and it seems America bashing is very popular here. Especially against the US military campaigns.

I guess it's a typical leftist thing?

Let me just say I have much respect for all veterans of current and past wars. I'm very into WW2 history and the life those soldiers had was unimaginable for us.

My GF's great uncle fought in the German Wehrmacht during the Battle for Stalingrad. He got wounded by shrapnel and got out of the "Kessel".

The movies I watch about the war in Afghanistan only feed my respect for those soldiers over there. So far away from home, fighting in a hell hole every day.

Thank you!


I'm kinda glad after reading something that condemns the military; because in a sense, if they weren't allowed to say that, then I would've been part of a bullshit organization...


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All appreciation goes out to our service people, past and present for standing point so the rest of us can whine and snivel about things that are insignificant in comparison to a day in the life of our fighting personnel.

Our church had a time of prayer and recognition yesterday as well.


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the service members, past, present, and future. My brother almost killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq, so I (guess) know what it's like to have somebody close to you go to war. Three of my uncles served in Vietnam, my grandpa in Korea, my other grandpa in Germany and my cousin who is currently in the USAF.

Once I graduate from college (6 years from now), I will be in the USMC. I can't wait to serve and I guess I will find out what it really means to be an American soldier. God Bless America.