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Just an Observation: Feel Strongest the Day Before Injection

So I’ve noticed over the last two months that I feel the strongest in the gym on the day before my next injection. Is this just me or is there a physiological reason for this? I realize this is a silly topic, but I thought I’d ask.

How often injecting? You seem to be describing T/E2 levels that are changing. hCG involved?

I inject T every 3.5 days and hcg 250iu E3D. So I inject every Wednesday early evening and Sunday morning. I usually hit the gym Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I always feel strongest on Tuesday and this week I went on Saturday and felt like I could set a PR if I wanted to.

There’s probably some explanation that you’ll probably never get a true answer to beside speculation. Twice per week injection should provide decently stable blood serum levels and I know you control your e2. T blood serum levels do on average peak 3 days post injection with test cyp, but there’s much more to strength in a single moment than just T and E levels, although they directly influence musculature over time. Besides mass, strength is also heavily dependent on your CNS and motor units.

Thanks Hostile. I thought the same thing, my T and E2 levels are pretty stable at this point so that can’t be the cause. It probably has more to do with the amount of rest/recovery I’m getting before those work outs.

Strength has little do with T levels when one is training is my thought. I got stronger well, not as well relative to the effort I was putting in at one point but still I am strong enough for my size. Gaining muscle without too much fat or gaining any size at all was impossible, though I only weigh 160 lbs at 5’8 sometimes even less, but can squat 315 for 10 and bench 225 for 5. My arms have been 14-14.5" forever though.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Just seems really noticeable that on some days I feel a lot stronger than others and it always seems to be the day before my next injection.

I’ve noticed a huge strength increase since starting TRT but I only pin once per week and don’t think that my end of week workouts are less than the beginning. I’m a small guy, 5’7" but have been training for 18 years. I was 178 before TRT and now I am 185 with less body fat. I think part of the gains are due tot he fact that I have energy to power through my workouts now. I havn’t exceeded many personal records per say, but all my lifts are back up to my peaks. I just started push pressing 225 overhead the other day and my prior lifts best were 205lb. My arms have also grown from a peak of 16" when I was a little fatter (~195lbs) to 16.25 at 185lbs.