Just an Introduction

So I thought I’d post some pics of my physique, but then I realized I can flame myself just fine. I’m a pasty white boy at 5’10 and 185lbs, but one day I might go for a tan and then I wouldn’t be completely embarrassed to take my shirt off in an old folks home.

In any case, I’d just like to share that I actually have made some progress over the years. I use to be 235lbs and an alcoholic. I wore size 40-42 jeans and couldn’t do a single pull-up. My body fat percentage was under 100% though at the time so I had that going for me.

In any case, I haven’t drank in about 2.5 years and weight training/body weight conditioning has seriously helped me set real long-term goals that keep me motivated. I’m glad there are sites like this. Cheers.

Right on. So whats your training goals program and nutrion plan?

Welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay.

My main focus is strength training for still rings. Really I just want to make myself the best I can be. Currently I’m working on the iron cross and stradle planche so those are my immediate goals for the next year or so. I’m coming along nicely on the iron cross and can currently hold approximately 75% of my body weight. The planche I’ve started more recently so I’m still working on tuck planche holds and using weighted dips to build up chest strength. I’m currently able to do a couple reps of 135lbs on the weighted dips and would like to get to where I can do 10 reps. I’ve read that this exercise will greatly help on the planche. The tuck planche holds are what I’m using for shoulder strength. I was working with front raises also which I got up to 55lbs/arm but I’ve been advised recently that I may be overtraining by doing both so I dropped the front raise for now. I really like the combination of weight training and body weight training as it gives me variety and also gives quite a challenge in building strength without increasing body weight too much. Thus I’m forced to try to keep a good diet. For nutrition, I try to avoid high sugar foods (cookies, ice cream, candy, etc) or foods high in saturated fat. I eat things like turkey sandwiches, salads, sunflower seeds, low sugar cereals w/ skim milk, and moderately use protein powder before and after intense workouts. (I also try to avoid protein powders with artificial sweeteners. Either lightly sweetened with fructose or unsweetened are what I aim for). My current challenge is keeping up the cardio as the weather gets cold. I hate indoor cardio so I have to kick myself to get motivated outdoors in cold weather. But once I get going, I’m fine.