Just An Introduction & Goals

I've been reading this site for monthes and have found it to be the best site out there. Figure I should come out from hiding and just being an observer.

I’m new to the site but not exercise however i’m far from an expert either. I’ve done varisty exercises one and off for many years not always the proper way. If anything a lot of it I did wrong but it was a learning experience. I have the highest metabolism my doctor with 40 yrs experience has ever seen. To some that might be a blessing but to many people like me it’s a struggle to just not lose weight.

I comsume far more food then the average person people have said I should try food competitions. I would love to help people that have high metabolisms because many times it’s drove me crazy with a new mind set and a lot of research I finally beat it and got to the weight I always wanted to be at (without supplements).

My goals currently

  • Help beginners because this is a great site and I wish I had it when I started exercising years ago.

  • Find some people with simliar views of training as I’m a person that wants balance not just power and i’m not into bodybuilding for looks. Many exercie magazines seem to only focus on becoming Arnold or being able to lift extreme weight. Myself I would rather be built like Bruce Lee if anybody to me his body is built like a machine it has speed,power, stamina, toughness, agility.

  • Obviously to learn dieting and exercise more

  • Have people to debate with on physical fitness

  • Just to have people to talk to about exercise in genral since i’m the only person other then my girlfriend that is into it.

  • Learn more about female fitness since my girl friend has become hooked but doesn’t have time to research like do. I’m also clueless on female fitness. Her goal is basiclly to have a body like a fitness competitor during an off season. She wants to have a body like Devon Michaels when she was more into fitness modeling excluding the insanely large implants(yes I know thats a pornstar but she is a nympho what can I say thats who she likes i’m not complaining)

Who I look up to fitness wise:
Pretty much everybody over 40 that is in kick ass shape. I’ve seen a 70 year olds that are in better shape then 19 year olds and it’s amazes me. People only age because they let themselves go I strongly believe. In the end I want to be like those people I have the utter most respect for them.

Sorry for any mispellings don’t have time at the moment to correct them.