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Just About to Start My First Cycle

hey hows it going, I just recently purchased some dianabol and winstrol. I bought to cycles of the d-bol and one of the winny. Since I have never taken anabolics before I have a couple of questions. Before I start are there any other supplements that I should get. I have read on arimidex, and clomid, and estro-block but i really have no idea. What do I take during and what would be useful to take after. Any help would be great, thank you


1- Start researching before you take anything, you can start by reading this…

2- Use the search button on this site and locate some “first cycle” threads, there are about 3000 of them, read a few and you should find all the info you need.

3- If you still have questions, come back here and post what you know and what you think your cycle should be and you will get tons of help. Provided your diet and training are inline.

I have somebody to help me with my dosage I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with the arimidex, or estro-block two things I haven’t been able to get much feedback on.

OMFG!!! you just got a response from Max pointing you in the direction of some info. Is it too much trouble to read??? First off, do you even know what these drugs are going to do for you or are you just some guy taking something that ‘the big guy’ at the gym got you? Asking what else to take during and after?!?! You can’t even compare arimidex and estro-block. One’s a pharmaceutical drug, the other is a supplement. Furthermore, if you ‘haven’t been able to find much info’ on arimidex, you musn’t have looked farther than you’re frickin’ milk jug, cause there’s info everwhere. Ever hear of google???

I’m curious to know what dosages you’re going to take and for what length of time. Also, a little background info would help people help you - age, training years, weight, etc.

Yea man, you need to read up some. Max pretty much covered you.