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Just a Workout Journal

Well, for the recent weeks it has been uneasy to work out since I got my wrist messed up, and I was able to train solely legs. But now after it has been healed and all my college duties are done I decided to to take my work-outs seriously at least for the summer. I have been training for almost 4 years, although I had several periods when I did not. Sorry for my English, but I am not a native speaker. I hope this log will keep me sufficient incentive to keep on working out.

Eventually, I have to add that my diet wont be perfect, that means that I wont be taking any supplements. I hope I will get sufficient amount of sleep and attend less parties with even lesser alcohol :slight_smile:

Regarding the workout I have to start off light weights so I can atain all the technique which is not quite good and gradually add weight to the bar. The entire log will be in kg(kilos). Please if you have any advices, please feel free to add them into my log.thanks. My training log will consist of 2 hard workouts, doing
compound movements and one workout for solely all the other parts, which will be performed randomly (like biceps, triceps, shoulders etc.)

day 1
DEAD LIFT 5x5x116kg
FRONT SQUAT 5x5x70kg
BENCH 5x5x90kg

shitty weights, though I haven’t done the dead lift for almost 6 months so right now my back is soar as hell even with using such light weight.

day 2
BICEPS CURLS 4x10x12kg
as well as abs and forearms.

I am thinking of doing a routine, but I cant decide which one, could you recommend one for a guy who just went over an injury…just to get back into shape, thanks in advance

day 3
biking 90 minutes

day 4
squat 5x5x100
rows 5x5x74
abs, calves, etc.

day 5

day 6
deadlift 5x5x130
front squat 5x5x80
bencg 5x5x92kg

day 7 off

day 8
shoulders, biceps, triceps(cant do much tri exercises since of my injury so I just keep squeezing it) abs, stretching

day 9
pull-ups 5x10 (own weight)
regular squats 5x5x105kg
rows(reversed grip)5x5x80
abs, calves

day 10 off

day 11
DL 5x5x140
front squat 5x5x85kg
Bpress 5x5x95
abs, calves

day 12

Day 13
shoulders,biceps, triceps, lots of stretching.