Just a Typical Log

Hi all, I’m Steven. I am 18, pushing 19, 6’ 1", weight about 180 LBS (Haven’t weighed myself is a while, stays the same for the most part. However, i would like to change that.), and am starting this just as a way to record my progress as i attempt to regain the weight and strength i had from my days as a high school athlete.

A little about myself if anyone cares:
I used to weigh 200 LBS as a defensive end for my high school football team and have always loved lifting. I have been lifting for the better part of four years. However, due to financial constraints and my new found lifestyle in college, i was unable to eat sufficiently for almost a year and dropped down to my lowest weight of 170 LBS. It goes without saying that i am now significantly weaker than i used to be and that is a problem. Now i am able to eat again and have been the hitting the weights more to try and gain the strength i had back.

I workout in a crappy gym one bench, dumbbells that only go up to 70 lbs, and a lot of machines, or in my backyard with a cheesy Olympic set.
I am also blessed with an anatomical leg length discrepancy. My right leg is significantly shorter than my left, i walk with a perpetual limp of sorts and muscle spasms in my low back can floor me at random. I do what i can to cope, but if i am not careful i can wind up hurting myself to the point of being unable to lift. This makes leg training at times inconsistent and i have to avoid putting too much stress on my back. I hate to say it, but free weight squats are out, i have to leg press or use a smith machine to avoid hurting myself.

With that said, here is what i did today:
Leg day
At the gym
Leg Press:
360 lbs: 10
380 lbs: 5x10
Seated Leg curls:
125lbs: 7x11
Front Squats:
155 lbs: 3x10
at home:
Calf Raises:
265 lbs 5x15

Also did some pull ups. I am trying out the high frequency idea i read on this site, so far it has worked well, going from doing 8 to 13 on my first set.
13+10+9+8+8+8+8=64 total

The Leg Press, Leg Curls and pull ups were done in a sort of circuit, the F. Squats were mainly me dickin’ around trying to get the form down.

good luck bro

Chest Workout:
165 Lbs: 3x6, 4
160 Lbs: 5
Bench has gone from 155 to 165 for reps in past four weeks.
Incline Dumbbell Press:
55Lbs: 8, 2x6, 5
50 Lbs: 5
Was shooting for sets of 7, but burnt myself out grinding through number eight on the first set.

40lbs: 3x7
25Lbs: 10

Press Machine:
125lbs: 2x6

12+9+7+7+6+5+7+5+7=65 Total

No time to get to the gym today. Just did some light work in the back yard really quick.

Usually do them with a neutral grip, don’t have the luxury at home.
Overhand: 8 6 6 5 5 4
Underhand: 7 6 6 4 4 4
Total: 65

Dumbbell Curls, Alternating, 35Lbs: 12, 10, 10

Upside down Crunches, i do them with my legs tucked onto the patio cover in my yard.
With a 35 lbs weight plate: 3x10

schedule is leaving not so much time for lifting. I have decided to go heavier with lower volume so i can fit everything in this week.

13 8 7 7 6 6 4 5 5 5 3=68 total

Bench: on smith machine. It sucks when the only bench is taken.
185 Lbs: 5
195 Lbs: 5
200 Lbs: 2x3

100 Lbs: 10
110 Lbs: 2x10

Skull Crushers:
100 Lbs: 2x5, 3

225 Lbs: 3x7

Rack Pulls, in smith machine:
230 Lbs: 2x10
275 Lbs: 3

80 lbs, ez curl bar: 5,4

Overhead Press:
125 Lbs: 3x5

Well, i have not been keeping up with this at all, haha.
What has happened since October? i LOST more weight. i now weight somewhere in the vicinity of 165 according to the scale at my gym. This is a little worrisome, but not terribly surprising given that i have fallen off track with my diet again (me being one of those people who have to worry about eating enough, not eating too much) and some slight injuries.

But, at least since i have still been lifting consistently enough and with a decent intensity, i have managed to maintain a good deal of my strength and muscle mass, I am just extremely lean.

So, it is time to really buckle down. Finals are over and school is out for a few months so i can focus on my gym time. Everyone is talking about what their plans will be for the new year, well here is mine. Get Bigger.

Today was my conditioning workout, i ran some stairs for about a half hour without much rest.

My plan is going to be as follows:

Monday: DL, work up to a heavy set of three or so. Accessory for posterior chain for volume, some Romanian DL, good mornings, something of the like. Maybe finish off with a few sets of swings.

Tuesday: Shoulders. Work the overhead press, arnold presses and such.

Wednsday: Conditioning, even though it is not helpful when trying to gain weight, i enjoy it so it stays.

Thursday: Legs,leg press, or if hip is feeling good, squats and variations. maybe some leg extensions for extra volume.

Friday: Chest, Bench, flys and incline.

Saturday: Off, maybe some light cardio or something.

Sunday: Arms.

Every workout i will do something for my back, except on mondays (i think the DL covers it). I will alternate doing rows and pullups and such.

Diet: anything and everything healthy and calorie dense.

Hopefully i can stop wasting away with this plan.

Alright, didn’t get a chance to put up what i did yesterday, but here it is.

Started with 135 Lbs, worked up to a heavy set of 3 with 225, going low, at least a little past parrallel.
After i reached 225 Lbs, i performed 10 reps in as many sets as it took. So basically 3,4,2,1.

Leg Press:
380lbs, 5x10 with constant tension.

Leg Extensions:
130 lbs x10
135 lbs, 3x8

Calf Raises:
On the leg press with the same 380 lbs: 7x15

Dumbbell Rows: 50lbs: 12,2x10,3x8:
Done in between heavier sets of Squats

After a few hours i began feeling energetic again and did another short workout in my backyard:

F. Squats: 135lbs 2x8, could have gone heavier but didn’t want to destroy myself.

Goblet squats: 40lb Dumbbell, 2x25 with constant tension.

And a few sets of pullups, with an overhand grip, averaging about 7 a set.

My legs defiantly are not used to a bodybuilding style workout with constant tension and such, my legs are still a little tired today but not sore yet.

My back and hip didn’t hurt at all while doing these, which is a good sign, but i am still not going to go ape-shit on leg days yet.

Sunday: off day:
Ran 4 miles at about 10 min/ mile pace.
Hit my punching bag for a little while.
Did 50 pullups.

Nothing major, just taking it easy today.

As for the past couple of days, i did work out. I did chest on friday and arms yesterday, just didn’t get time to record it.

Feeling good this morning and did some good work in the gym:

Worked up to 270 llb double from 135 lbs, adding 10 lbs each set.
This is pretty good considering my PR at this weight is 275 lbs.
Romanian DL:
185 lbs: 3x10

Dumbbell Swings:
50 lbs, 17 each arm, 13 each arm w/ rest pause and 4 more, 12 each arm w/ rest pause and 5 more.

Leg Curls:
130 lbs: 3x10 with constant tension

Just dicking around:
Dumbbell Rows: 60 lbs, 5 each side.

Bench: 155 x 3

Squat: 205 lbs x3

a couple of sets of lat pulldowns with whatever was currently on the machine. I didn’t look, i was just waiting until someone was done with the only Oly Bar in the gym so i could DL.

I think i may have some weak glutes for squatting and DL, so working on that should help with my numbers and bringing up the weak part might allow the rest of me to grow some. So, that needs to be my main focus right now.