Just a Thought about Strength...

…turns out, I just don’t have that much! I know, it’s all relative. Here’s the thing. I’ve probable learned more from this site, and all you guys and girls, than I’d ever known. I found it almost shocking when I discovered the following.

I can do 5x8 dead-hang chin-ups in a pulling workout…I do 4x12 body-weight dips in another workout (all with 90 sec.rest between)…BUT, I can only bench my weight for ONE REP? And worse yet? I had to cut 15 lbs. to do it! I just cut down to 170 as of July 1st, and I benched 175 for one shaking, ugly rep? This really makes me think…God speed everyone.

Gotta remember, when dipping bodyweight only you have to subtract 15-30 pounds since you aren’t really lifting your arms. Dipping is also a mechanically more advantageous position for pressing, which is why people’s decline benches are bigger than their flat bench.

It also depends on your bench form. If you’re an elbow-flare kind of bencher, that will also reduce the amount of weight you can move relative to your dip.

For instance - I can do 5 reps dipping with a 125 pound dumbbell. But with decent (I hope) bench technique on a good day with some wind up my butt I can only do 265 for 1 rep on flat bench. So your results aren’t so atypical percentage-wise.

Just keep working it and you’re bench will improve.

Right, so I’m lifting EVEN LESS! Hah, seriously, I do get your point. I’ll just have to fire up the OCD a little bit and really push myself! I looked at your numbers, you are one strong guy indeed. Thanks for the inspiration and the comment.