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Just a Thank You Note From a Middle Aged Lifter


ct. i wish to express many thanks to you for everything you have done.
-My strength has gotten to levels that i was getting doubtful i could achieve again.
-This little dead lift thing that i am also using for squats is making my life so much happier.
I can just squat down all the way without any tightness or pain. (it used to take awhile stretching and warming up before i could do anything like that)

My quad tendon only hurts when I'm driving for extended periods of time.
-I have also finally realized and accepted that my age and lifestyle has an effect on the amount of weight i can, and, should use. basically when you say 60%, i use 55%, more or less. It's a little less intense, but, there's no cns drain, and i'm feeling stimulated all day, every day. no dragging my ass because i'm beat up.
-My wife is liking the way I look.(of course i am too!)

I tip my hat to you! You are a great coach and a very good, honest person.


I think that the "good honest person" comment is the one that touch me the most. I tend to highly dislike compliments, but I'll take that one!

I'm glad of all the nice changes I helped make and I'm sure that your training will be even more enjoyable and productive in the future!


i always speak the truth
"even when i lie" :slightly_smiling: lol,(from "scarface", couldn't help myself)

and also, per your rec, im doing situps every day,, little by little--- no cramps.

yes. training WILL be more productive and enjoyable.. as long as i "push the edge" but not fall off. :slightly_smiling:

Training is a constant work in progress. It stimulates not only the physical, but the mental and psychological also, and you could say spiritual. Achieving a balance is very rewarding,and carries over to every day life.