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just a rant


So I just needed to vent some steam and I figure this is the best place to do it cause hopefully everyone will understand my pain. I have been lifting weights natural for roughly 4 years. I been a member of t-mag for a few months and I enjoy reading the articles and such. I haven't done to much posting. Anyway to the point my buddy who I work out with for about a year now decided to do 'roids last summer. Although I will admit i didn't agree it was the right time for him to go on them, but he was to impatient. So he got big like expected. Now I kept up in weight with him for all of our lifts but my form was way better so I think i was the stronger of the 2 of us. But now he is trying to tell me how to work out and he gets his info from his roid's dealer who never lifted naturally in his life and was a shitty personal trainer at world health. Anyway its really starting to piss me off more than people curling in the squat rack, which by the way i saw yesterday.......grrrrrrrrrr. Also this guy has decided that he wants to cut and get huge at the same time.......like 6 pack cut and big. I dunno either and I try to help him I really do but I am fed up.....aside from this being a rant anyone got any suggestions on how I could deal with this? Thanks YOU RULE.


sorry if that makes very little sense i was just typing and thinking it doesn't work very well.


Simple, point out to him that you are just as strong as he is without roids, and for him to shut the fuck up because your form is better. If he tries to talk shit, offer to tape your workouts, and have an independent judge form, like us. We'll decide.


Don't hang out with him anymore. He sounds like he's kind of a douche-bag. More seriously though, it sounds like you are maybe a little pissed off that some one who didn't work as hard as yourself is progressing like your freind, and in his mind just as strong as you. That's pretty much your own issue there bro. Anyway guys like your buddy usually stop taking the drugs at some point and stop lifting and end up looking like shit. Don't sweat it.


haha as much as I would like to do that he is also a close friend so I think the situation needs to be held a little more delicately


If he's a close friend, you should be able to be honest with him. Just say, "Dude, you're pissing me off" and tell him why. I mean, don't make it into a fight, but get your point across. The only other option I see is to ignore the stuff that pisses you off.


Dood, just say to him "who got here natural? that's what i thought" if he is an asshole ditch him.


If he's really a good friend, you should be able to point out what's happening with a bit of humor. As in, "I didn't know that roids made you smarter/gave you more knowledge/made you more of a nutrition expert. Dang, you really got a good deal!" Or you could just say, "So now that you've done a cycle, you know more? Is that how it works?"

Like I said, if you guys are really good friends, he should be able to handle it (coming from you, anyway). If not, well... I have to agree with the above comment, about early roid users (who have no other particular desire to improve their knowledge, etc.) copping out pretty early on. Tell him you'll see him when you're both 40.


Jared, was his dealer from World Health at North Hill? That gym is a roid fest, especially some of their trainers. Fuck the users. I'm glad to hear you're at Northland now, even though it is a Gold's haha

You know what to do. You talk to your friend. You tell him you're not interested in hearing about how to lift, you know how to lift. You don't need to make a big deal out of it, but you need to put this out of your mind or else it's going to eat you up. Be blunt about it if you have to be, but get it done. Whatever you do, don't change what you're doing because of him.